22 Mar 2017

The Top Ten Coolest Car Chases Of All Time

Warning: this isn’t for the faint of hearted car lover. All car lovers would enjoy a cool car chase but some of the scenes that we are talking about here involves car wrecking, and basically, all the other stuff that makes a car go boom! P.S. We won’t be including Fast and Furious movies anymore. That’s technically cheating to include movies that are entirely made up of car chases.

10. Gone In 60 Seconds (1974)

Speaking of car wrecking, let’s start with this older Gone In 60 Seconds. There’s no Angelina Jolie here, but there is an epic car chase that lasts for 40 damn minutes and wrecked more than a hundred cars! This is basically the kind of scene that my 3-year-old nephew would enjoy watching.

9. To Live And Die In L.A. (1985)

Trucks, trains, traffic, and tunnels – this car chase got all those Ts to a tee. And I’m sorry, it seems that your new automatic transmission minivan has no match compared to the old school cars of the eighties with their tough shells and manual transmission awesomeness.

8.  Mad Max 2 (1981)

Or any other Mad Max car chase for that matter. The only thing I have to complain about Mad Max car chases though is that the only thing that they have to worry about are the cars chasing them, unlike the others on this list who have to worry about traffic, pedestrians, etc. They more than make up for it though with Mel Gibson and out-of-this world post-apocalyptic vehicles.

7. Death Proof (2007)

The final car chase in this movie was indeed, in all words, awesome and bursting of girl power. Whoever said that ladies were lame drivers? And weak in kicking ass? Stuntman Mike sure got a taste of both.

6. Wanted (2008)

I’d give everything to be the driver behind the wheel while Angelina Jolie was shooting and hanging by the car hood like that. THE VIEW. I know, right?! And, of course, let’s not forget that it’s also one of the coolest car chases in the history of film in the modern time?!

5. The French Connection (1971)

Okay, it’s not the most exciting car chase because the two vehicles were on two entirely different levels. The car was chasing a train on a track above it, after all. But what made this scene an iconic car chase in the film industry was the fact that they shot this entirely without a permit – that means that all those pedestrians in the background were real!

4. The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Okay, so technically it’s a bike chase, but we don’t really care. It’s still awesome (not to mention that they’re still being chased by cars).

3. The Bourne Identity (2002)

A mini cooper isn’t exactly the type of car you’d think of driving into a car chase. It isn’t a Mustang and definitely not as manly as the other cars in this list. Heck. A Mini cooper isn’t manly at all. Not unless Matt Damon drives it, that is.

2. Drive (2011)

Ryan Gosling might not have much of an effect on me on The Notebook (he made all of us guys look bad), but he certainly got my respect on Drive. The part when he proved to us that he was the best at driving backwards? That is, until he suddenly switched gears, drifted to make even the Drift King look bad, and sent the car chasing him flying. Respect, brother. Respect.

1. Bullitt (1968)

Sorry Vin Diesel. Well, I think you’d also agree with me in saying that you’re still but a shadow of the legend Steve McQueen. Can we even expect something less from a guy who’s name inspired a talking f@#% car?! Bullitt’s epic car chase will always be at the top of any car chase list and not doing so is a disgrace to McQueen himself. Not to mention to his manly Ford Mustang. Finally, we just love the car chases back then. It is truly a work of art. No cuts. No fancy cameras. Just one perfectly orchestrated piece of choreography.

Special Mention: My Wife Is A Gangster 3 (2006)

While obviously it cannot measure up to the epic car chases we’ve included in this list, we still cannot deny that this hilariously sexy car chase deserves a special mention. How many times would we see Shu Qi’s tired and horny face in a car chase scene, after all?