29 May 2017

Top Ten Celebrated Samurais In History

Although a lot of other people in the world would argue and yet surprisingly admit the fact that the best swordsmen in the world are mostly Japanese swordsmen or Samurai. But the truth of the matter is they have proven their valor, dedication, prowess, and perfection in the Way of the Sword as well as with the Way of the True Warrior countless of times.

From the inception of the civilization of the Japanese until now in the modern world, we can’t help but feel their strong looming presence not only in Japan but also in every corners of the world. Even their way of living as warriors have helped shaped and refined the entire culture and heritage of Japan. The Samurais have even helped us in the opposite side of the globe to benefit from their influence and create our own effective yet soulful way of our achievement and perfection of our everyday living.

10. Hajime Saito

The captain of the third unit of the daunting Shinsengumi . He have fought countless of battle during the Bakumatsu period and serve as some of the surviving core member of it. He is well acknowledge to be one of the most skillful samurai in Japan as well as his unwavering dedication to their cause.

9. Yamaoka Tesshu

A very talented swordsman that have been training since he was nine years older.  He also learned tremendous skills in swordsmanship that he have decided to create his own swords style and eventually become a Roshigumi another form of being a masterless samurai. Several years later the Emperor Meiji hired him to be his own chamberlain due to his skills and prowess with the sword.

8. Takeda Shingen

A popular samurai during the Sengoku Period ina well known province of Japan called Kai. Shingen is so exceptional with the Way of the Sword that he was renowned to be the “The Tiger of Kai” and rivaled by another famous swordsman of their time Uesugi Kenshin who is known as “The Dragon of Echigo”.

7. Kenshin Uesugi

He is not only famous as a mighty swordsman but also known to be a great and skillful leader that brought Echigo its refinement, Kenshin is also known to be a devoted follower of the Buddhist Fiery  God of War Bishamonten. He have fought numerous campaigns in the past showing of his might and prowess in combat that he is later known to be the “The Dragon of Echigo” as well as believed by his followers to be the incarnation of Bishamonten does dubbing him as “God of War” of Echigo.

6. Oda Nobunaga

Master of both Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyatsu, Oda Nobunaga is also a renowned swordsman and a ruthless warrior, unyielding leader, and most of all a very respectable samurai. He is famous for reunifying Japan under one rule and establishing solid foundation for the growth of Japanese civilization.

5. Tokugawa Ieyasu

He is the founder and the very first Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate.  He is an exceptional swordsman known for his cunning, wisdom, and patience. He have outmaneuvered and out lived many super powers during his time and have succeeded in establishing a rule of Japan under his Family for over two hundred years.

4. Hattori Hanzo

The legendary swordsman and shinobi master during the Sengoku Period. With might and prowess in the Way of the Sword he have saved the life of Tokugawa Ieyatsu  who was to become the ruler of all Japan.  He is famed for his fearlessness in battle and have won his very first battle at a very young age of sixteen. In honor of his greatness and legacy to the Japanese people several infrastructure was named after him like a gate in the Imperial Castle of Tokyo, as well as a railway station.

3. Tomoe Gozen

A female samurai known for dangerously radiant beauty, skills in archery, unmatched swordsmanship, as well as being a true warrior worth a thousand men, as many of her colleagues would describe her passionate way of fighting either on foot or horseback- “she is always ready to confront both Demons and Gods” –she bows to no man in battle. She is known to wear a customized strong armor, and an extremely enormous sword at one hand and a mighty battle bow at the other.

2. Date Masamune

In his early years as a child he survived small pox but paid for it with his right eye. In spite of his visual disability he still managed to make a legacy for himself by founding a city now known as Sendai, as well as being a strong successor from a long line of daimyos. But what truly make him extraordinary is the fact that he is a master swordsman known for his ruthless Way of the Sword that if anybody crosses his path would surely meet their demise in the most brutally precise manner, earning him the title of the “One-eyed Dragon” or “One-eyed Black Dragon” since his entire forces are known for wearing black armor with a golden head gear. Whenever he fights, he is seen as like a black one-eyed dragon watering the ground with crimson rain and shaking the very foundations of the battlefield.

1. Musashi Miyamoto

And alas the best among the best. The greatest Samurai and Swordsman that world has ever seen. The “Kensei” or commonly known as “The Sword-Sage” Musashi Miyamoto. This bro needs no further introduction and elaboration for he will show how his legacy and prowess with the sword have helped shape the entire culture of Japan with his famous Book of Five Rings that is considered by most martialist or warriors as one of the sacred texts of the Way of the Warrior. His accomplishments and continuous practice have earned him the respect and attention of the Spirit or the God of Warriors, hence earning his sainthood as a true example of the way of the sword.