28 Nov 2016

Top Ten Animated Movies By Pixar That Every Movie Fan Should Watch!

We have just recently published a top ten list about the top ten Studio Ghibli films that every man should watch. Have you read that yet? You definitely should! But right after you read this post.

Animated films are commonly dubbed as children’s films. This couldn’t be helped. In fact, you might probably think that animated movies are childish too – but not all of them. In fact, I have already watched a lot of animated movies that handle mostly mature content (some of them are even on this list), that it’s hard to count them as children’s films. Sometimes, they are just camouflaged behind the colorful characters and the amazing animation. Hence, on this note, let’s start the list!

10. Monsters University

This movie actually got some pretty low reviews from movie fans, but I’m going to list it down as my top ten film and let me tell you why. It actually created a good back-story for the two. Particularly the credit scene where there’s a montage of pictures of how they climbed up in the ranks of Monster’s Inc. Not to mention that hints about how the Abominable Snowman got exiled was a nice touch.

9. Up

I would’ve listed this as the top Pixar film if they were only able to sustain the emotional rollercoaster of an intro that the movie had. Unfortunately, without the intro, the film just wasn’t that awesome compared to the other ones in the list.

Just think about it. Carl and Ellie’s love story is one of the best ever written –and a lot of us can oh so relate to it. BUT without that story, the film could have been a flop.

8. Toy Story 2

Yes, I’m going to spoil the list, but ALL Toy Story movies made it on our top ten. It is worthy to note though that the best scene here was Jessie’s back story coupled with the heartbreaking song “When She Loved Me” brings me…er my girlfriend, to tears every single time.

7. Toy Story 3

Until the next Toy Story comes out, this would still be, in my heart, the perfect ending to the perfect trilogy. In fact, I’m actually quite afraid for the fourth installment set to come out next year.

6. Finding Nemo

Here is another film which proves that a good animated movie needs a rich back story, an explosion of different emotions throughout the movie, and a nice ending. Not to mention that giving an entirely new story to Dory is a good move.

5. Monsters, Inc.

Halfway through the list, and I just find it pretty logical to put Monsters, Inc. here in reference to the first movie that we have listed. There are a number of things that really blew us away in this movie. First, the conveyor belt scene was amazingly thrilling (you don’t get that much chills watching animated films like these). And of course, the love story between Sulley and Boo is priceless.

4. Ratatouille

This can probably be one of the few animated culinary art films in the world – and the quote from the film “Anyone can cook!” is a perfect way to democratize art in so many levels, even beyond the world of food.

3. Inside Out

This is a living proof that children’s films can be made with high quality. The story, the characters, just every single thing about this movie is perfect. It only ranked lower because the top two films in the list are just…well…better.

2. Toy Story

Yes, the animated film that will forever make Tom Hanks a legend in the world of animation. Sure Tom Hanks is probably the best living actor, having won so many awards. However, children will always remember him as Woody.

1. Wall-E

Wall-E is still my favorite Pixar movie of all time – and do you know why? It was able to present the quality that I was expecting from Up in the first place. The movie has a brilliant intro and it is sustained all throughout the film. Plus, you’ll see one of the best love stories on animated film!