4 Jan 2017

Top Ten 2017 New Year Resolutions For Geeks

Even geeks like us need New Year Resolutions. If you think that only your computer needs a reboot then you’re deadly wrong. Hence, here are the top ten resolutions that any geek like you should consider doing to make 2017 a better and geeky year.

10. Drink less coffee.

Every geek needs that boost of caffeine to keep their blood pumping, but please, if you want to live longer…or just until cryogenics and eternal youth has been fully realized already, you might want to tone down the caffeine.

9. Sleep at night.

In relation to the earlier post, you might want to fix that sleeping pattern of yours. It’s enough that you sleep beside your awesome setup already. I mean, who wouldn’t want to? With 4 monitors, it’s legendary! But, for the love of your health, sleep when you’re meant to sleep. At night. While it’s dark outside, not only inside your room.

8. Get sunlight more.

Just like sleep, your body needs more sunshine as well. Vitamin D, baby. Soak up the summer heat more this year, will you? You’re not a vampire, no matter how much you imagine yourself to be. Not yet, at least.

7. Spend more time with other geeks.

Whether It’s indulging in a DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) adventure, or sitting down for a quick tournament of (MTG) Magic The Gathering, make it a resolution to spend more time with humans this year. Like, in person. Where you can touch them in an appropriate way, not letting your awkward social skills get in the way of making a new friend.

6. Waste less time online.

And because I know that we’re all busy with our own personal projects, why not make time for socializing by wasting less time surfing (or trolling) online.

5. Tone down your weirdness.

Okay, I know, I know…it’s REALLY difficult to NOT point out things. And it’s REALLY frustrating when people just don’t get the genius behind stuff, but please. Make it a point to be less weird this year. You can start by not explaining the meaning behind your shirt, or correcting theories on scifi shows.

4 Support another geek.

Not all ideas get the support they deserve, so lend your support to projects that you think deserve it. There are different crowd-funding websites already, Kickstarter, being the geek favorite. Sign up for the site today and help other geeks.

3. Back up EVERYTHING.

And I mean everything. There are a lot of badass storage device available already. Get one and back up everything. Save yourself a meltdown or two.

2. I will throw away really old stuff.

If MySpace was still the king of social media the last time you used a device, then it’s time to donate, or better yet, throw it away. Look around you. Your rooms to cluttered. Makes space for new things by getting rid of the old.

1. Only buy the gadgets I need.

Let’s face it. This should be the top item on any geek’s resolutions list – if you want to save enough money to buy an even more awesome gadget next year, that is. As geeks, it is totally understandable if we easily fall to the temptation of buying gadgets. And why not? Levitating phone charger. 3D pen printers. 2017 is going to be good year. BUT you know which year is better? 2018. Why? Because in the world of technology, new is always better.