15 Apr 2015

Top Five Game-Changing Soccer Superstars

Soccer has been one of the most sensational sports in the world, it has taken a lot of countries by storm. Today, countries such as England, Germany, Brazil, and Spain have taken the sport ever so seriously.

While where it all began and who invented the game is talk for another day, there have been a number of players who has made an impact to the game.

With all due respect to the superstars that this generation knows, such as David Beckham, Ronaldo, and Kaka – today we will talk about the earlier men who have made an impact to the game that has echoed even up to today.

Bros, we present our picks of the top five soccer stars that made the game truly sensational.

Franz Beckenbauer

The only other player to have ever won the World Cup as a player, and a coach – Franz Beckenbauer is one of Germany’s soccer heroes. One of soccer history’s greatest sweepers, Beckenbauer is a threat on both ends of the field.

Having won a grand slam (3 Championships) in the ECC  with Bayern Munich back in ’74 to ’76, Beckenbauer has also led the German National Soccer Team to two championships being a captain in both leagues.

Bobby Charlton

Of course making this list is every country’s soccer hero, and for the English people, it’s Bobby Charlton. Charlton, although never assigned a striker and has always had a pass-first mentality, he still holds the English record for most goals scored at 49 in 106 appearances.

Charlton also has a Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Cup Golden Ball under his belt. Having played for Manchester United he has won the European Cup, and a few other domestic championships. Charlton was also part of the 1966 World Cup Champions’ club.

Zinedine Zidane

Now we go to France, and their French football legend, double Z  – Zinedine Zidane. Zidane is arguably one of the game’s best ball handlers, with great mastery of technicality.

Zidane was a walking highlight reel. He inspired awe and had the audience, team fans and opposing team’s fans alike, holding on to their seats in excitement of what he’s to do next.

Zidane is also as decorated as a Christmas Tree on Christmas eve having a World Cup and European Football Championship under his belt. He also has 3 FIFA Player of the Year Awards, and a Ballon d’Or. Truly one of the best ballers ever to play the game.

Pele/Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Arguably the Michael Jordan of football Pele is football’s greatest student and has thus become a master of it. He’s so great, he was even given the Athlete of the Century Award in 1999. So if you’re planning to grab the award any time soon, try your luck in the next 100 years.

Having played for Santos and New York Cosmos – He won the Intercontinental Cup (1962 & 1963), Copa Libertadores (1962 & 1963), NASL Championship (1977), and the championship of São Paulo (11 times from 1950-60). 11 times.

Ronaldo de Lima

Ronaldo de Lima, is a Brazilian scoring genius. He is arguably the best striker of all time, and holds the record of 15 goals in the World Cup where he led his team to 2 championships.

A total package of pure offensive power, possesses speed, power, and reliability like no other soccer player the world has seen. Along with Zinedine Zidane, he is only the second player to have won the FIFA Player of the Year award 3 times.