2 Dec 2011

Top 5 Tracy Morgan Interviews (Plus A Few More)

There is a big difference between a comedic actor and a comedian. Some have perfect timing, others have perfect delivery or stage presence, and most have teams behind them spending weeks and months setting up the perfect punch lines, but very few are actually funny.

[Written by Jonathan Burda from survivingu.com]

The distinction between the two can clearly be seen during interviews where there is very little preparation and success (humor) rests solely on the interaction between interviewer and interviewee.

While interviews with comedic actors (and actors in general) who try to be funny come off feeling forced and unnatural, making it awkward for the viewer watching at home, interviews with a true comedian can become goldmines of humor. A true comedian is at his best when he’s adlibbing/improving and reacting instead of simply regurgitating.

A perfect example of this is Tracy Morgan, who’s perhaps the best interviewee the YouTube generation has ever seen. Here are his 5 greatest interviews that prove that when he’s not reading lines, when he’s not reciting rehearsed answers, he is at his most funniest.

5. Tracy Morgan on WGN Morning Show

Best quote: “Black man, white woman, on TV. This is forbidden love.”

4. Morgan on KVIA Morning Show

Best quote: “I gotta loaf of bread, come get this ladies, you gonna eat!”

3. The Late Show with Dave Letterman Interview

Best quote: “Boozin’ and losin’” “She’s open. Open like a research monkey.”

2. Conan O’Brien Interview

Best quote: Every. Single. Word.

1. Time Magazine Interview.

Sober and serious and still the funniest man in showbiz.


What’s better than a Tracy Morgan interview? How about hearing someone else talk about spending a night partying with him? Probably one of the funniest stories you’ll ever hear.

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[Carricature via Rodney Pike]