21 Apr 2016

Top 5 Most Popular Carbonated Beverages!

Soda has been a staple drink in the United States of America for years. No matter the time of day, no matter what the food being served, it can always be paired with a bottle or can of carbonated drinks. With it’s immense popularity, there have been so many brands and companies aiming to perfect the craft and create the best sodas in the market. With such a profitable product, it’s no wonder there are so many. With the abundance of different kinds of soda, it’s hard to choose which one suit you the best. But to help you out a little, here are the top 5 most popular carbonated beverages.

5. Dr. Pepper

A soda a day does not keep the doctor away. With Dr. Pepper as one of the most popular and most sold soft drinks in the market, it’s hard not to like this product. With so many flavors under it’s belt, it’s hard not to have something that will suit your taste. Not only is it expanding in the soda industry, it has also broadened their scope by putting out other kinds of products such as Slurpee and lip balms.

4. Mountain Dew

It’s unique color trademark of green makes it different from the rest of the sodas in this list. With it’s audience geared toward teenagers to young adults, this drink is so popular not only because of it’s packaging deisgn, but because of the caffeinated drink itself. The taste will take you to the moon and back and you’ll be surprised how much energy you still have after a long trip.

3. Pepsi

As the only brand that rivals the drink giant Coca Cola, Pepsi has become of a contender in the market. Steering away from it’s rival company with it’s brilliant blue color, it sure made a big splash when it first came out in the market. As one of the biggest beverage companies, it sure knows how to spread the word that Pepsi is just as good if not better than it’s rivals.

2. Diet Coke

A lot of people try to avoid soda as much as they can to stay healthy. But sometimes it’s just to hard to break habits. Especially when they taste so good. It was definitely a smart idea to put out a healthier option because no matter what the label is, people still like the taste. Making it sugar free adds a lot more customers than before.

1. Coca Cola

And the most popular of them all, Coca Cola is such a classic drink that everyone has definitely tried it at least once in their lifetime. it’s iconic red color, it’s unique and addictive taste, and it’s distinctive scent make it stand out among the rest. No wonder it’s the most popular drink.