2 May 2016

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants in the United States!

It’s no secret that the US has began to identify itself as a nation dependent on fast-food. We have to face the facts and admit that we love convenience and fast-food is just that. Especially in today’s world where the pace is so fast that barely anyone has time to actually cook food let alone wait for food at restaurants. The idea of fast-food is to serve delicious, albeit unhealthy, food for the convenience of the customers. And it did just that and continues to do it up to this day. It might even be the basis of the future. But for now, there are those that are the cream of the crop. Here are the top 5 fast-food restaurants in the US.

5. Taco Bell

California and Texas aren’t the only places where you can find delicious Mexican food. Taco Bell is pretty much everywhere you look. The popularity of it is so massive that it has even reached to other countries. Who doesn’t like the distinct flavor and taste of Mexican food? Their wide variety of choices makes them so ideal as a fast-food restaurant.

4. Burger King

As one of the leading fast-food restaurants in the country, Burger King has taken the opportunity to expand by building branches all over the world. Which was actually a smart move because of the quality that they put out. They never disappoint when you’re craving a burger and their iconic Whoppers are to die for.

3. Subway

What separates this fast-food chain from the rest is that you actually play a key part in choosing what you want to buy. You get to create your own sandwich by choosing whatever ingredients you want to put in such as what kind of bread you want or what toppings you would like to add. Sandwiches along with burgers are definitely the two most convenient food to eat because of how portable they are which is why Subway made this list.

2. In-n-Out Burger

One of the most iconic burgers that America has seen in a long time, this family-owned food chain restaurant is so desirable that even tourists come from all over the world visit the only state it is located at which is California. Yes, you heard that right. If you haven’t heard of this one, then you need to do some research and actually take a trip to California. Arguably one of the best burgers in the country.

1. McDonald’s

At the top of the fast-food pyramid is none other than McDonald’s. It is impossible not to see a McDonald’s branch in any in America. Especially the urban areas and even now the rural ones are starting to get a branch of their own. The most convenient of them all, McDonald’s definitely has it all.