26 Sep 2011

Top 5 Books for the Aspiring Don Juan

No matter how handsome or gifted in the gab department, every love-seeking lothario could do with a few tried and tested tips to polish their game. Learning the lines that head to the bed can help crafty Casanovas work up more notches on their posts than Clooney and DiCaprio combined.

The Layguide, Tony Clink

Clink’s classic collection of pulling strategies is a must-read for guys wanting to overcome their fear of rejection and become irresistible to a selection of red-hot honeys. After more than a decade of hardcore research that must have been as exhausting as it was fun, Clink put together this excellent seduction guide, before no doubt having to sit on an ice bucket for a few days. Working step by step from clueless beginner to bed hopping winner, it’s a brilliantly structured primer in pulling and deserves its reputation as printed pickup gold.

The Game, Neil Strauss

Another totty-tapping tome, Neil Strauss went undercover and eventually under the covers as his investigation into the secretive world of the pickup artists transformed him from a geeky blotter jotter into a veritable prince of poontang. Or so he says. Either way it’s a riveting read, and the journey is filled with examples of excess many would love to be able to replicate as they work their silver tongue on a bevy of beauties. Strauss lays bare all the strict rules and regulations of the game, enabling the uninitiated to delve deep and develop their ladykilling talents. Don’t forget to stretch.

The Mystery Method, Erik Von Markovik

A squire among the admired, Mystery was featured in Strauss’s The Game, as the super-stud said by many to be the greatest pickup artist in the world. In this bible for bachelors, Mystery (Erik Von Markovik) reveals his secrets for getting the world’s beautiful women beneath the sheets. A keen observer of the inner workings of social dynamics, Mystery developed some killer courtship commandments and seduction algorithms that he relished putting into practice. This book enables you to follow in the footsteps of a master pulling machine, learning infallible tactics for sexual conquest.

The Natural Art of Seduction, Richard La Ruina

Deemed to be one of the greatest seducers working their magic in Europe, wizard at wooing Richard La Ruina has a host of celebrity lays in his diary and address book, making his flawless technique something every red blooded male would want to master. Such is the extent of La Ruina’s success that he teaches his easy to pick up method in seminars run by his company PUATraining.com. Having trained hundreds of men to sharpen their seduction skills, La Ruina’s guide is guaranteed to raise your game and gift you a spellbinding list of chat up lines.

15 Steps to Becoming a Master Seducer, Kezia Noble

Last but not least, why not learn from a lady what works? The story goes that Kezia Noble, considered the only major female pickup artist on the planet, gained her fame when she took the attendees of a PUA class to task over their lacklustre attempts at playing the lothario, who took her tips onboard and tried out her tips with resounding success. Her unique approach, giving advice on how to seduce women from a woman’s perspective, has created an army of followers wishing to learn the ins and outs of her strategies for stimulating sexual chemistry. Noble’s book takes men of all levels of experience by the hand and leads them through 15 carefully crafted steps toward becoming a master at seduction. An indispensable addition to other guides written from a male point of view.

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