25 Jan 2016

Top 4 Men’s Fashion Trends of the Year 2015!

Fashion is spreading to a wide variety of customers. Before, only the women and the wealthy class of men paid attention to whatever is trending in the fashion world. However, as time passed by, more and more men are now focusing and giving a lot of effort when it comes to how they look, what hairstyle they have, and what clothes they wear. For whatever reason they must have to do so, men have now entered the world of fashion as a dominant group, not falling too behind from the ladies of fashion. Although the women will forever be the people of fashion, the men shall soon become one of them as well. But what fashion styles did trend among the men this past year. Here are the top men’s fashion trends of the year 2015.

Men's Fashion Trends of the Year 2015

4. Denim for eternity

This fashion trend never goes away. Both men and women seem to be able to pull off denim whatever era they live in. But with the guys, denim on denim is something of a miracle that happened in 2015. Although it was starting to fade, like the shade of your denim jeans, it sprung back up and now it’s still an it item of clothing among the men of fashion.

3. Florals and Prints

Whatever the garment, whatever the type, as long as it has them floral prints, they will look good. Whether it is just a simple T-shirt or even a fancy button-up, floral patterns and prints are the new black and everyone loves to wear them with skinny jeans and fancy shoes.

2. Joggers

Joggers are just about anywhere. From department stores, to high fashion spread, joggers have completely taken over the men’s fashion world. Although, fashion trends tend to go out of style in just a few seasons, with the exception of denim of course, joggers may or may not last long because of how fast paced the world of fashion is. But as of right now, they are the newest trend for both men and women.

1. Monochromatic Variety

Although it does sound a bit odd. Come to think of it, it’s ingenious. If you have a favorite color, for example grey, you can wear different articles of clothing, with each having a different shade of that particular color only and it will still look good. You’d have an interesting look and at the same time, sticking with one color without having the struggle of deciding whether this color matches that and so on. Whatever the color is, as long as it’s different shades of it, it is a trend of the year 2015.