19 Dec 2011

Top 25 Hottest Girls We’ve Discovered in 2011

Yep, it’s that time of the year. Are you ready for this ??? Sit back and relax, because it’s time to look back at the hottest girls we’ve discovered this year and.. what a year it was! I think we’ve featured hundreds of hotties you guys probably didn’t know in 2011, girls with the right curves in all the right places, so ridiculously sexy that they could leave you speechless in just a matter of seconds.

Last year we have crowned Polish bombshell Monika Pietrasinska as the hottest “new” girl and now, in 2011. I think we were even better at this, finding more and more girls new for us and definitely new for you too that you totally loved.

It was pretty damn hard to pick just 25 of them, and even harder to rank them but I hope you’ll like my picks and rankings. For each of these hotties you’ll find links to the articles we’ve posted with them in 2011 where you can see exactly how gorgeous they are and why it was love at first sight in most cases.

Who’s the lucky number one? Read on to see who takes the top spot this year.

25. Cameron Russell

This girl is apparently a pretty popular American model but only after we’ve seen a drool inducing lingerie/swimwear photoshoot with her she had our full and undivided attention. She’s adorably hot and these photos will show you exactly why I say that.

Link: Cameron Russell will make your jaw hit the floor

24.Tasha Collins

Winner of the 2010 Zoo Australia Beach Babes Competition, Aussie sensation Tasha Collins or Natasha Collins started to take over the world with her groovy little body this year after impressing every man from Down Under.

Link: Tasha Collins is new and totally drool worthy

23. Mayra Suarez

This Mexican hottie came out of nowhere this year to drop our jaws with her groovy little body while posing for numerous lingerie brands. There’s one thing we could all agree: she looks absolutely stunning in lingerie!

Links: Mayra Suarez looking like a naughty little minx
Mayra Suarez is back by popular demand!
Mayra Suarez is so damn hot you’ll forget your name

22. Fernanda Prada

You might say she’s just another Brazilian supermodel but this girl is waaay more than that. She’s one of the cutest Brazilian models I’ve ever seen and you could easily notice that by looking at any single photo with her.

Links: Fernanda Prada has a freaking amazing lingerie body!
Fernanda Prada’s cute little curves will amaze you
Fernanda Prada is so damn cute your face will melt

21. Danica Thrall

Oh Danica… This blonde bombshell has to be the hottest new entry in Britain’s impressive list of glamour models for years. And since most British models are used to pose topless this peach did exactly that from the first pictorials. And what a juicy rack she has.. She’s damn hot and she’s not shy.. what’s not to love about her? We’re trying to keep our site safe for work but you can Google her name to get to those juicy photos.

Links: Danica Thrall looks uber hot in any situation
Danica Thrall busts out her bodacious curves
Wow, Danica Thrall is so hot she’ll invade your dreams

20. Gabriella Holsten

We’ve posted just one photoshoot with this peach but what a photoshoot it was!! She’s an up and coming model from Norway so beautiful that you’d even move to that freaking cold country for her. I can’t wait to see more of this cutie.

Link: Gabriella Holsten may actually be sent from heaven…

19. Cora Skinner

Cora Skinner is a hot brunette model from LA who was apparently around for quite some but only this year we got to see exactly how gorgeous she is. She was dating a sort of celebrity in these least years but she’s single now and focusing on her modeling career which is great news for us, eh?

Links: Cora Skinner in swimwear will knock your socks off!
The uber hot Cora Skinner is back by popular demand!
Cora Skinner just keeps getting hotter and hotter

18. Amy Childs

Even though she’s just 21, this red hot peach is already an English model, beautician, reality television contestant and TV presenter as well but you probably don’t care about all that, eh? You should just know that she’s a freaking hot redhead with an amazing little body and I think she might be even hotter than Christina Hendricks which is.. saying A LOT!

Link: Amy Childs looking about as hot as a supernova

17. Analu Campos

When I first seen a couple of photos of this Brazilian supermodel, I didn’t knew exactly what to do first. I was gawking and drooling in the same time and I think even my eyes were damn happy as well. She looks absolutely incredible in lingerie and her name probably makes you giggle.

Links: Analu Campos in naughty lingerie is a blast of hotness
Analu Campos looking drop dead sexy from head to toe

16. Gry Arnestad

We’ve posted only a couple of photos of Danish model Gry Arnestad but gosh, those were more than enough to make us remember her name. She’s freaking hot and I hope we’re going to hear and see a lot more of her in the future.

Link: Gry Arnestad is the hottest girl you will see today

15. Natalia Velez

Natalia is the first of two Colombian hotties to make this list, after posing for a mind blowing photoshoot in all sorts of skimpy lingerie for Besame. I love Besame for their lingerie, for their shoots and especially for their taste in women. Natalia is proof that Colombian women are some of the world’s hottest women.

Link: Natalia Velez is new, ultra hot, busty, and a major tease

14. Shanina Shaik

At first, I’ve thought this peach was related to the waay more popular Irina Shayk but apparently there’s nothing between them. Just the fact that they’re both freaking hot. Shanina is an Aussie hottie who’s taking the modeling world by storm pretty fast with her incredible look and tight little body.

Links: Shanina Shaik will induce drooling within seconds
Shanina Shaik is so cute you may stop breathing
Wowzers, Shanina Shaik looking like a hot little minx

13. Clara Alonso

Spanish supermodel Cara Alonso took over our minds and dreams with a couple of mesmerizing swimwear photos hot enough to melt the entire polar ice cap. This girl can literally make you squirm with a single look at any of her photos.

Links: Clara Alonso’s sexy swimsuit pictures will make you drool
Clara Alonso is sexy, sultry, and so, sooo sweet

12. Klara Wester

Klara looks exactly like you’ve always imagined the perfect Swedish supermodel, a gorgeous blonde with incredible eyes, luscious lips and totally rocking curves. I don’t know why we didn’t get to see more photos of this hottie but I’m sure we’re going to see a new drool inducing shoot with her sooner or later.

Link: Whoa, Klara Wester is being a major tease/turn on

11. Lauren Ridealgh


I think we’ve received dozens of emails from you guys thanking us for featuring massive galleries with this British bombshell showing off her perfect little body in naughty lingerie for Baci. We’ve probably wasted hours for those galleries but that was definitely time well spent.

Links: Lauren Ridealgh looking so amazing you’ll squirm
Lauren Ridealgh and her sexy everything gets a 10
Sigh.. Lauren Ridealgh is so freaking hot it hurts
Lauren Ridealgh is going to rock your world

10. Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Gosh, her name is pretty damn hard to spell, right? Well, she’s waaaay hotter than her name and she’s probably the cutest/sexiest (and so on) supermodels ever from Switzerland. It was love at first sight when I’ve seen the first photos of this cutie and even though her name is pretty damn complicated I still remembered it to this day.

Links: Xenia Tchoumitcheva is waay hotter than her name
Xenia Tchoumitcheva is back by popular demand

9. Catalina Otalvaro

And .. the second drop dead gorgeous Colombian model to be featured in this list is this peach.. Once again, thanks to Besame and their incredible photoshoots.. Catalina showed off her perfect little body in a massive lingerie photoshoot that could make any of us drool like a freaking zombie.

Link: Catalina Otalvaro is a banging 10/10 from head to toe

8. Rocio Guirao Diaz

This blonde bombshell is apparently pretty damn famous in Argentina where she’s on TV more often than you could think of but this year we finally got to “meet” her thanks to an amazing lingerie photoshoot for Sigry. As you can see from any of those photos, this peach is perfect from head to toe and from front to back..

Link: Rocio Guirao Diaz looks uber stunning and jaw dropping

7. Hana Nitsche

We’ve actually discovered this German supermodel last year but only in 2011 we got to see how ridiculously hot she really is. She’s one of the hottest German women right now and I think she might follow the footsteps of the waaay more popular Heidi Klum. She definitely has what it takes to do that..

Links: Hana Nitsche looking absolutely drop dead sexy
Hana Nitsche in sexy lingerie will blow. Your. Mind!

6. Jessica Perez

This hottie officially became my Spanish love ever since I’ve seen the first photos of her back in February. Soon after that she won the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search, posed for Victoria’s Secret and I think these are just the first of many achievements to come. Jessica is an uber hottie and I can’t wait to see her in next year’s Swimwear Issue from SI.

Links: Jessica Perez is going to be your favorite new hottie
Jessica Perez and her hot little body in bikinis
Jessica Perez may actually be perfection personified

5. Edita Vilkeviciute

Edita is a young Lithuanian model who took the world by storm with her groovy curves and all around hotness. This peach has been modeling for 2 or 3 years, I guess.. but we only discovered her this year thanks to a couple of jaw dropping photoshoots in bikinis and lingerie for Victoria’s Secret. Wow!

Links: Fact: Edita Vilkeviciute will make you drool like a fool
Edita Vilkeviciute is a 10/10 on the “uber hot” scale

4. Alyssa Miller

Alyssa might be my number one supermodel crush, ever since I’ve drooled over her stunning photos from this year’s Swimwear Issue from Sports Illustrated and.. since I’ve seen the first breathtaking lingerie photoshoot from Intimissimi. Since then we’ve had photoshoots after photoshoots, with this peach looking so sweet that I think new words like hotlicious should have been invented to describe her beauty.

Links: Alyssa Miller is new and totally drool inducing
Alyssa Miller looking so damn cute and perfect in lingerie
Alyssa Miller makes me forget about everyone else
Alyssa Miller in skimpy lingerie just blew my mind
Alyssa Miller in lingerie will Rock. Your. Freaking. World!
Alyssa Miller in lingerie makes me weak at the knees
Alyssa Miller in sexy bikinis is a supernova of hotness

3. Barbara Palvin

For those of you who still don’t have a clue who Barbara Palvin is, all we could tell you is that she’s going to be your next love. I’m serious, that’s how much you’re going to like her. She’s an uber cute Hungarian model who’s already making a name for herself even though she’s just 18 right now and I’m sure we’re going to hear and see a lot more of her in the future.

Links: Prepare to drool… here’s the super cute Barbara Palvin
Sigh.. Barbara Palvin looking as adorably hot as ever
Barbara Palvin jumps into skimpy lingerie, makes me faint

2. Kate Upton

Do we REALLY need to say anything about Kate Upton??? Thought so.. This girl has been everywhere in 2011, dominating the internet and rocking our minds with her perfect body. She posed in sexy bikinis for SI’s Swimwear Issue and was named Rookie of Year, showed us how to dougie, almost crashed Twitter with her drool inducing twitpics, made us melt thanks to her runway video for Beach Bunny, posed in bikinis and skimpy lingerie over and over and.. I think this list could go on forever. She’s freaking hot and we all know it. I was going to give her #1 but since all other sites did that, she’s our number 2.

Links: Kate Upton showing off her insanely hot body
Kate Upton is back by popular demand in bikinis!
Kate Upton looking incredible once again in lingerie!
Kate Upton unleashes her drop dead sexy everything
Kate Upton makes other supermodels look boring
Kate Upton in skimpy lingerie will melt your face off
Kate Upton in bikinis is perfection part XVI
Kate Upton’s body is out of this freaking world!
Kate Upton’s uber cute lingerie pics just made my day
Kate Upton looking absolutely stunning as usual
Kate Upton may actually be the most perfect woman
We all know that Kate Upton is breathtakingly beautiful
Fact: Kate Upton in a bikini will melt your eyeballs
Wow, Kate Upton is the definition of perfection!
Kate Upton looking as jaw dropping as ever
Sigh… Kate Upton is so darn adorable, you’ll melt
Kate Upton just keeps getting hotter and hotter

1. Nina Agdal

And the lucky number one in 2011 is… the uber cute Danish supermodel Nina Agdal. Gosh, I don’t even know what to say about this hottie.. I’m pretty speechless every time I get to see a new photoshoot with her and that says it all. I loved her from day one and since then it just got better and better. She’s exactly the type of girl I’d bring home to mom, so adorably hot that she could make you melt like icecream on a hot summer day in just a matter of seconds. She’s going to be my future girlfriend, so don’t drool too much over her, ok?

Links: Nina Agdal is a newbie, really hot, and super busty
Nina Agdal will make you squirm in your chair
Nina Agdal was made for swimsuits and vice versa
Wowzers, Nina Agdal is so damn stunning it hurts
The uber cute Nina Agdal is back by popular demand
Nina Agdal is waaay hotter than your girlfriend
Nina Agdal looking like the uber hottie that she is
Nina Agdal’s beyond sexy body will melt your eyeballs!
Nina Agdal sizzles in lingerie, drops my jaw doing so
Nina Agdal is as hot as a supernova… that is all
Danish cutie Nina Agdal in lingerie is the hotness
Nina Agdal looking absolutely amazing… as usual