26 Dec 2013

Top 25 Hottest Girls we’ve discovered in 2013

Me oh my, I can’t believe 2013 is almost over… It’s been a crazy year for us, with a lot of ups and downs, but in the end, it turned out to be pretty darn awesome. And you know who else is awesome? You guys and gals. We’ve had over 6 million unique visitors this year, and you all deserve a little gift or something, maybe from Santa, maybe from us.

So we’ve talked to Santa a couple of days ago and he was kind enough to help us make this year’s list with the hottest girls we’ve discovered in 2013. We’ve featured exactly 103 new girls in 2013 and some of them were so beautiful that we just had to feature them again, and again and again. It was freaking hard to pick just 25 of these hotties but I think we’ve done a great job once again.

Actually, a lot of people have said we’re really good at this and our previous picks probably speak for themselves. Nina Agdal for example, was the hottest girl we’ve discovered in 2011 and now, just two years later, she’s totally rocking this world and everyone and their mothers know her name. Last year we’ve discovered Xenia Deli and Emily Rata (among others) and their popularity skyrocketed in 2013. Now let’s see who’s this year’s no.1.

PS: For each of these hotties you’ll find below links to the articles we’ve posted with them back in 2012.

25. Armanda Barten

I have a weakness for Dutch supermodels and Armanda is just another blonde stunner from the Netherlands that will make you wanna go to Amsterdam as soon as possible. She’s the new face of Femilet lingerie and that looks like a mix made in heaven.


24. Elena Santarelli

In case this is just the first time you’ve heard of this sweetie, don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. And you probably don’t live in Italy either. Elena is pretty popular there since she’s a foxy little Italian model and she’s also a TV star as well. We’ve featured her only once but what a lovely photoshoot it was!

23. Caroline Corinth

Caroline is a fresh face from Victoria’s Secret, coming straight from Denmark, this girl just oozes cuteness from every inch of her body. She’s as cute as Erin Heatherton and that’s saying a lot, you know. And besides that she has the right curves in all the right places and looks amazing both in lingerie and in swimwear as well. I hope she keeps working with VS because I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

22. Nerea Arce

Oh Nerea, it still feels like love at first sight. It’s been just a couple of weeks since the first time we’ve featured this peach and I’m still completely mesmerized by this peach. She’s an up and coming supermodel from Spain who looks absolutely amazing whenever she’s posing in a couple of sexy bikinis but I’m sure she would be incredible even in the most boring outfits.

21. Anna Maria Sobolewska

Anna Maria Sobolewska or Anna Maria Schneider is the type of blonde bombshell who could take your breath away in just a matter of seconds. She’s German but she has Polish genes and that makes her even more interesting. In case you’ve ever heard of Monika Pietrasinska, you know how awesome Polish hotties could be and this girl is definitely close to that level of sexiness.

20. Marina Mozzoni

Here’s a new sexy Latina from Argentina who looks absolutely amazing whenever she’s prancing around in nothing but skimpy lingerie. This girl is the new face of Simone Perele lingerie and, as you can see from any of the photos we’ve posted with her, she’s just… breathtaking.

19. Sandrah Hellberg

Some of you guys probably recognize Sandrah Hellberg because she’s that hottie who posed for Guess and other renowned fashion designers. I don’t know exactly why we haven’t heard of this Swedish peach ’til this year but… better late than never, eh? I’m glad we’ve discovered her in 2013 and I’m looking forward to see even more drool inducing photos of this gal.

18. Julia Pereira

I’m pretty sure you all know that some of the hottest girls in the world come from Brazil and this list has not one, not two, but FIVE new Brazilian models that will haunt your dreams from now on. The first in this list is Julia Pereira, a girl with a body more curvy and more beautifully “designed” than a formula 1 circuit.

17. Lara Alvarez

Here’s another girl that was featured only once on Brosome, but one article was more than enough to make this list when you look this hawt! Lara Alvarez is pretty well known in Spain where she’s a sportscaster and TV presenter. And, as you can see from these photos, she’s a jaw dropping lingerie model as well. I’m sad I gave up playing soccer, maybe I had more chances to score haha.

16. Olivia Garson

Candice Swanepoel, beware! There’s a new hottie from South Africa who’s taking the world by storm and her name is Olivia Garson. She also looks amazing in swimwear, making even the sun jealous. We’ve featured this peach two times on our site and every single time it was a treat for our eyes.

15. Rachel Mortenson

Gosh, I’ve always appreciated the guys from Frederick’s of Hollywood for their taste in women and Rachel Mortenson is just another reason to love them. This gal is a jaw dropping model from the US but until she jumped into some skimpy lingerie from FOH we haven’t heard of her… Luckily for us, she had not one, not two, but three lingerie photoshoots that will make you remember her name from now on.

14. Deborah Mace

Here’s another cutie with a brilliant future in front of her. Deborah Mace comes from France and, even though she’s not too curvy, she has a smile that would bring sunshine in your life even in these cold winter days. I would totally love to discover Paris with this girl next to me and.. who wouldn’t?

13. Iliana Papageorgiou

Any list with the hottest girls has to have a Greek goddess in it and, in 2013, we’ve discovered this girl: Iliana Papageorgiou. Those eyes, those lips, those curves, this girl looks as close to a goddess as it gets. I’m a bit upset because we’ve seen only one photoshoot with her but who knows? Maybe we’ll find more photos with her next year.

12. Olga Rzeplinska

I’ve said earlier that I totally love Polish hotties as well, and Olga Rzeplinksa is just another example of how amazing girls from that country can be. Her name is pretty hard to spell but I’m telling you guys, it’s totally worth to remember and to do a quick Google search for her.

11. Alejandra Alonso

As we’re getting closer to the first places, it’s harder and harder to rank these girls. Alejandra Alonso for example could be easily #1 for a lot of you guys and I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s so sensual and sweet that I might even start to learn Spanish just to be able to write her a love letter or something. That’s because she’s from Spain, you know…

10. Sandra Kubicka

Mark my words when I tell you that this incredibly cute, terribly sweet and Diabetes-causing blue-eyed beauty will be the next big thing in modeling. The next Barbara Palvin, the next Nina Agdal… Sandra Kubicka is just amazing. She’s from Poland and she’s just 19 right now and I’m sure we’ll hear and see A LOT more of her in the next years.

9. Luiza Freyesleben

I won’t say too many things about Luiza Freyesleben.. In just 3 months we’ve featured this Brazilian bombshell five times on our site and we’ve received a ton of comments and emails about her. That probably says a lot about how awesome this supermodel really is. And in case you’ve missed any of those articles, you’ll stand in awe after you’ll click on these thumbnails.

8. Mariya Vinogradova

You all like Irina Shayk right !? Well… there’s a new Russian supermodel in town who looks just as amazing as her, if not even more. Mariya is really, really close to the definition of perfection and we would have ranked her even higher if we had more than just one opportunity to stare/gawk/drool at her mesmerizing body.  But that one photoshoot was so breathtaking that she made it to our top 10.

7. Samantha Gradoville

Samantha Gradoville is already a name really well known in the modeling world. You could easily that when you look at the renowned designers who want this incredible girl to work with ’em. Sam is from the US and she looks so sensual and amazing no matter what she’s wearing. I’ve probably seen hundreds of photos of this peach already and she’s perfect in each and every single one of them.

6. Natalie Morris

Here’s another girl from the US who’s going to rule over us someday. She’s Natalie Morris and, even though she’s the proud owner of one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever had the privilege of drooling over, she still has that girl next door look that make me like her even more. And she’s just breathtaking whenever she’s posing in lingerie. Oh yeah!

5. Daniela Braga

Remember this name because you’re gonna her a lot more about this Brazilian sweetie in the next years. She was discovered by the guys from Victoria’s Secret and she immediately started to pose in skimpy lingerie for them. And she’s so amazing, and sexy, and cute, and hot in the same time that you’ll instantly fall for her. Seeing this girl in sexy lingerie could be the cure for a lot of diseases.


4. Danielly Silva

After a freaking cute Brazilian supermodel, we’re going to move on with … guess what? Another Brazilian stunner, this time a bodacious babe who’s a 10/10 from head to freaking toe and goes by the name Danielly Silva. She looks amazing in bikinis, she looks incredible in lingerie and I’m pretty sure she would drop jaws straight to the floor even if she would wear a banana suit for Halloween. Stunning!

3. Ana Tanic

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached the podium. The third place in our list is occupied by a true Croatian delight, a supermodel so sensual and so gorgeous that you’ll melt like icecream in a hot summer day after just a single look over her photos. Ana Tanic has that certain something that could easily make you speechless.

2. Tiffany Keller

Kate Upton, move over, I have a new favorite hottie from the US and her name is Tiffany Keller. This girl will soon take over the country and then it’s just a matter of time until everyone on the face of the planet will know her name. She looks amazing in lingerie, in swimwear and she’s just mind blowing when she’s dressed up as a sexy little bride, which instantly made me think of her as my future wife. I don’t even know what else to say about this peach because I honestly think words can’t do her justice.

1. Veronica Assis

After all these amazing girls, I hope your heart rate is ok because you’re totally going to faint right now. We’ve saved the best for last… Brazilian perfection in the form of Veronica Assis. Wow, wow and wow! That’s exactly how I would describe every single photo I’ve seen with this bombshell. She totally took over our minds and dreams with her ravishing curves and unique hotness and I’m just looking forward to see more, and more and more photos with her. She’s drop dead sexy from head to toe, from front to back and from any other angle you could think of… Enjoy!