3 Mar 2017

Top 10 Tips On Dating Women Older Than You

Thinking of playing with the big leagues? You don’t need to be older to date someone date older. In fact, a lot of hot cougars think it’s kinda fun to date someone young, still full of energy and ideals.

Dating older women

With that being said, there are two types of rookie mistakes when it comes to dating older women: there the ones that are actually cute and adorable, while there are ones downright annoying and irresponsible. Learn how to tell each other apart and rock the dating game. Remember, once you ace dating an older woman, any younger lady would never be able to resist your moves.

10 – Be yourself.

You don’t need to act older. You don’t need to switch your tracks to classical music. She knows she’s dating someone from another generation – and that’s okay!

9 – Know what you’re getting yourself into.

You may be a rebound or something else. Remember that older women date younger men for a reason and that reason might not be the same as yours. Yep, even if she’s just dating you for your young sex stamina, that’s alright. Remember that all girls always fall in love eventually, just know what you’re getting yourself into and be realistic with your expectations. With that being said…

8 – Acknowledge that she must be busier than you.

She’s way ahead of you when it comes to her career and most likely she has already figured out what she wants to do with her life – unlike you, no offense bro, who’s still just starting out.  

7 – She might be better in bed than you.

Don’t be surprised and don’t feel bad about yourself. Thirties up to fifties is the spike of a woman’s sexual prime. So be prepared for the hottest sex you’ll ever have. (Pssst, older women are also more open to experimenting in bed!)

6 – Take advantage of her wisdom.

This leads us to the next tip. While you’re in bed with her (unless you’re planning to marry her), ask her all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask. She’ll appreciate you thinking of her as a sex guru or goddess.

5 – Don’t rub it to her face.

Now that we’ve reached the second part of the list, it’s time to get serious. One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re dating an older woman is to not rub it to her face. She already knows she’s older than you. In fact, the whole world knows. So there’s no need to rub it to her face by saying “you’re still sexy despite you age”, or “I’ve always wanted to date someone older”. Just the simple “you’re so sexy, and I’ve always wanted to date someone as amazing as you” is perfect.

4 – Don’t ask.

There are some things in a woman’s life that you just need to wait for her to open up to you, like how many guys she’s dated (after all, she probably can’t count all of them anymore), or what’s with that scar in her belly (which she probably got from undergoing a C-section, duh). Just remember that an older woman already has more experience than a relatively younger one, childbirth, dating, and all.

3 – Be a gent.

We don’t need to emphasize this any more, after all, this is one of our objectives here at Brosome. To help you be a real bro. A real gent.

2 – Don’t waste her time.

The moment you think that things are getting serious, you need to make the decision to stay or just leave. Don’t waste precious child-bearing time, just so you can enjoy amazing sex. If you’re not in it for the same reasons as her, then it’s better that you set her free instead. She’s not for you, bro. Don’t be that guy.

1 – Go the extra mile.

Be the man that she would want to brag about to her girl friends on the next girl’s night out. Bring you’re a-game to bed. Be independent and not clingy. Focus on your career. Be responsible. And most of all, just be the breath of fresh air in her life, because what’s the sense of dating a younger guy if he’s just…well, you know, just going to act old.