5 Nov 2012

Top 10 things you should surprise your girlfriend with

Try to remember that every relationship needs its seasoning, and flowers don’t always do the trick. If you’re running out of ideas on how to avoid daily routine, then we’ve prepared this list of ten things that should kick things up a notch.

10. Cook her breakfast once in a while – Waking up in the morning might not be the easiest thing in the world, but doing it once in while won’t get you killed. Keep it simple! There’s no need to open up Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, instead try to cook something within your reach, preferably without setting the kitchen on fire. You should probably know by now what her favorite breakfast is. In case you don’t, try the classic bacon and eggs with a glass of orange juice.

09. Write her something beautiful – Whatever you do, don’t copy something you found on the internet! I know it’s tempting but you don’t have to be Shakespeare to pull this off. Try to write her something thoughtful and sweet then put it in her pocket when she’s not looking. You can try this with various other places but whatever you do, don’t go through her purse.

08. Surprise her with a gift for no reason – It doesn’t have to be Christmas or her birthday for her to receive a token of affection. Duh! Buy her something special once in a while just because it’s Thursday.

07. Give her a massage – Maybe your massage skills aren’t something to brag about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. First of all, remember that she’s not one of your buddies from the gym, so wrestling is out of the question. Use some massage oil, light up a few candles, be gentle and take your time. Caress her every muscle and try to refrain yourself from turning everything into porn.

06. Do that thing she’s been postponing – I’m not talking about the trip to the dentist she keeps forgetting about. I’m talking about that painting she’s been meaning to hang on the wall, for quite some time now, or the picture of you two that has yet to be framed. Do whatever she’s been too busy to do herself and don’t brag about it too much.

05. Design her a new desktop/phone background – It’s time to let your inner artist surface! If, by any chance, you have nothing in common with the arts, and you’re also color blind, you should probably know that most girls out there aren’t that much into Star Trek. A portrait of Mr. Worf might send her the wrong message and lasers shooting out of the Millenium Falcon won’t send her senses roaring. Also, you shouldn’t go into something too cheesy, she still needs to use that background in public, right? In the end, you don’t have to paint her the Mona Lisa, man. An abstract representation of your feelings should do the trick.

04. Fix something you know she’s not going to fix herself – Is the shower hose dripping again? Well don’t expect it to fix itself ’cause your girlfriend is certainly not going to fix it for you. Now’s your chance to prove your usefulness around the house and solve this problem like a real man. If by any chance, fixing a shower hose proves to be a very difficult task for you, maybe you should grab the yellow pages without your girlfriend knowing about it.

03. Take her somewhere special – By doing so, I don’t mean taking her to a motel room in the suburbs, man! Take her bowling or maybe ice skating, go on a picnic or teach her how to sing in a karaoke bar. If you’ve both been busy lately, I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy the quality time spent together outside the house.

02. Give her something sweet – I’m talking about candy, ice cream, cake and cookies. Find out what her favorite is and bring it as a desert tonight. Remember not to do this every day because it might look like you’re trying to get her to gain a few pounds.

01. Take her out dancing – If your dancing skills are the same as those of an old rocking chair, then you should probably brush-up on a couple of moves before you take her out. Furthermore, you should also consider the place you’re talking her, ’cause pulling off a couple of mosh-pit moves might not go well with the tango she’s been telling you about.