24 Jun 2016

Top 10 Strangest Addictions in the World!

From something so simple as being obsessed with shopping to extremes such as eating plastic, there are so many different kinds of strange addictions in the world that we just have to write about them. Perhaps you have some of your own and you just want to know whether your being strange or not. Of course calling something or someone strange is completely subjective so it may be on a case to case basis for people. But with such bizarre addictions and obsessions, it’s hard not to call them strange. Here are the top 10 strangest addictions in the world.

10. Shopping

It may not be so strange at first when you think about it. But the more you see actually witness these people in the act, the more ridiculous it gets. There are many different reasons why people get addicted to shopping. Some to relieve stress from work since all they probably do is work. While others just have way too much time on their hands without anyone to spend it with so they end up shopping instead. Compulsive shoppers is the term for these people and just like any obsession disorder, they tend to shop to counter depression.

9. Cosmetic Surgery

With all the money one can handle, it is plausible for someone especially who lives in a society filled with rich and famous people to be obsessed with looking perfect. Although sometimes it gets really out of hand. With so many celebrities getting surgery done for appearance purposes, a lot of other people follow their example as well. But for some, despite it being dangerous, people still go for not just a couple but a lot of surgeries just to satisfy themselves.

8. Geophagia

A relatively foreign term to most people, geophagia is the word to describe an obsession for eating or craving of dirt. Ranging from soil to clay, earthen materials for some reasons become a craving for some people. And no you are not reading it wrong. People actually have this obsession. Obsessive compulsive disorders are often associated with geophagia because people who have these disorders often have little control over what they want. Now that is seriously a class A strange addiction.

7. Body Building

Exercise is a good thing. It keeps us healthy, fit and strong. And don’t forget to mention that it makes us look good. But just like everything else in this world, too much of something is going a bit overboard even sometimes becoming harmful. There are people in the world who are obsessed with body building. Some even go to the gym and lift weights 6 times a week. That’s more than the recommended exercise regime. It is possible that it can lead to dangerous results because the muscles aren’t getting the rest they need.

6. Plastic Consumption

When you think about eating something, you’re thinking about how good it would taste. Why would anyone eat something that doesn’t taste good. Eating is for pleasure as well after all. But there are some people who actually eat materials that don’t necessarily taste great, but in their minds they taste delicious. Plastic consumption for example. Eating plastic is one strange addiction for sure and let’s just hope we don’t ever crave a taste of plastic in our lives.

5. Getting Tattoos

Tattoos are pieces of art that you can display on your body. It ranges from small tattoos on your wrists or your fingers to sleeve tattoos starting from your shoulder to your wrist. But just because someone has a lot of tattoos in their body does not mean they are obsessed with tattoos. It may just be to express themselves. But there are people who actually are obsessed with tattoos and you will be able to identify that when you see someone who has tattoos on every inch of their body including their whole face.

4. Tanning

Getting a nice tan is great especially during the summer. But if you are also tanning during other seasons via tanning salons, then you are probably starting to get obsessed. You can even be obsessed with it during the summer if you tan every single day, lying down on the sand and tanning until the sun goes down. It is dangerous because you are more prone to getting skin cancer because of the prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. But to some, tanning is just a way of life.

3. Eating cushions

If you watched the television show Strange Addictions, then you probably have seen most of the addictions in this list. One of those addictions tackled by the show is an addiction to eating cushion. It doesn’t matter what kind of cushion it is, whether it’s from the couch or the mattress, there are people who actually eat these cushions. An addiction related to geophagia, this kind of addiction is related to Pica or a compulsive disorder where you eat substances or materials that are not food. Now that is one strange addiction indeed.

2. Drinking Urine

Now before you make violent reactions about it, there is a reason for some people to drink pee. If you have seen the woman from Colorado on television, then you probably know what we’re talking about. She drinks her own urine on a daily basis. She drinks around five glasses a day and she bathes and brushes her teeth with it. But her reasoning for it, whether it’s a good enough reason to do so, is that since she has been diagnosed with Melanoma she has been determined to use her urine as a cure. There is still no evidence if it actually helps or not.

1. Drinking Blood

Probably the strangest of them all, an addiction to drinking blood pretty much steals the show no doubt. Of course it’s not a new concept since it has been popularized by fantasy fiction stories ever since Dracula began. But who would actually want to drink real blood? Perhaps they are addicted to the metallic taste? Who knows. But there are actual people who drink blood just how regular folks like us would drink water.