27 Jul 2016

Top 10 Life Skills You Need To Learn Before You Call Yourself A True Modern Gentleman

So you want to be a true bro? Well, here are the top ten skills that you need to check off your to-learn list first in order to consider yourself a true gentleman of worth.

Modern Gentleman

10 –  Tell A Joke

There is a certain art behind telling a decent joke, and a decent man must learn how to tell one. Have a few reserved for different occasions. Aside from telling a joke, a gent must also know how to read the room and discern which joke is perfect for a specific event.

9 – Parallel Park (or basically just parking your car right)

Survive the city and it’s tricky parking slots by learning how to parallel park. Don’t be that guy who causes a mile’s worth of traffic just because he can’t park right.

8 – Change A Flat Tire

Like parking, this is another essential skill to learn to prove that you’re a real man. The car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and you’re with your girl. Don’t call for help from another guy! Change the flat tire yourself.

7 – Swim

Come on, man. It’s a basic life skill. Plus, how can you even brag about saving a life once when you don’t even know how to swim?

6 – Drink Beer

And when I say “drink beer”, I mean you should learn how to open a bottle without an opener, pour beer the right way, and drink it like a real man. There is actually an art behind drinking beer, don’t just take it for granted.

5 – Recite A Poem

Aside from telling a joke, a true gentleman must also have a poem that he can recite by memory. This doesn’t just show that you are connected to your sensitive side, but also proves that you are a learned and cultured man.

4 – Fix Leaky Pipes

A real gent must learn how to properly maintain his household, and that includes fixing leaking pipes and faucet. I can’t imagine the disappoint of the missus once she finds out that the man she married can’t even get rid of the crazy dripping sound in the middle of the night.

 3 – Buy A Suit

All men must own at least one decent suit, but a perfect gentleman knows how to buy a perfect suit for himself. You should know if the suit fits well on you, or if it still needs some altering. And of course, you need to learn how to carry it, and not it carry you.

2 – Drive A Car

We started this list by stating that a real man must know how to park his car decently. But a real gentleman must know how to drive first! In fact, I firmly believe that every decent adult must learn how to drive – and I’m talking about manual transmission here, no cheating!

1- Tie A Necktie

You might be thinking that the American dream is to have a wife to tie your necktie for you, but let me tell you this: no man is a proper gentleman without learning to tie his own tie. This is simply a basic man skill that every man must learn on his own.