22 Apr 2016

Top 10 New Television Shows to Watch in 2016!

Television is a big part of the American culture. These shows are the backbone of family because a lot of them actually watch these shows together. It is also a great way to hang out with friends, meet new people who have the same television show interests as you and perhaps something more. With so many television series out there, it’s hard not to be confused on what you should really be watching. Although there are shows that have been running for years and years and years, surely you’ve gotten tired of some of them and you’re trying to look for new material. well, 2016 is the year of new shows and here are some of the best that you should be looking forward to, if it hasn’t already premiered. Here are the top 10 new television shows to watch in 2016.

10. American Gods

To start off this list is a big sigh of relief indeed. After a long and tough development, American Gods is finally going to get it’s wings. Although it won’t be showing till late 2016, this show has become anticipated ever since it’s struggles started. Despite the long wait, it’s surely one of the shows that you should anticipate this year.

9. The Get Down

Don’t be surprised by the fact that Netflix has more than one entry int his list. They are just that good. Anything that they put out becomes critically acclaimed because they have no boundaries. life has no boundaries and they are truly capable of showing what we are missing out on. With Empire as one of the biggest shows on television at the moment, who;s to say this hip hop inspired show won’t do the same as well.

8. The Preacher

AMC can do no wrong with an incredible background to prove to the world that whatever they put out will become some of the best shows on TV history. With critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad as one of the best shows of all time and of course The Walking Dead as one of the most watched television series in the world, the Preacher might just follow the footsteps of it’s predecessors.

7. The OA

And yet another show from the infamously popular Netflix franchise, The OA has been in the gossip tables for quite a while now. Not a lot is known about this show so it’s actually pretty interesting that a lot of people are anticipating it. Probably because of the fact that it is a Netflix show and everybody knows that whatever show Netflix puts out turns out to be something we ever expected it to be.

6. Marvel’s Luke Cage

With Netflix spouting series after series, surely you probably have thought about watching some of them. We have to admit, Netflix is a life-saver and the original material that they are throwing out into the market is just as good as any other TV shows popular in the mainstream. perhaps even better. With Luke Cage’s involvement with the Marvel universe series, it is very exciting to see what’s in store for this unbreakable man.

5. Love

Netflix sure doesn’t need to take a chill pill because the more shows they put out, the more shows we get to enjoy. And we actually enjoy them this time around because any show from Netflix is a show that should definitely be watched. A show isn’t a show without some kind of universal topic that everyone can relate on. And with this show, relationships will strike a few strings when you watch this show.

4. Westworld

Sex and robots. It’s not really something you have ever seen before. But hey, there is a first for everything. With technology as one of the most important factors of our civilization, it’s only natural for us to be inclined and interested to watch shows that may or may not portray correctly what the future of technology will unfold for us.

3. The Path

Hulu isn’t the type of streaming service that you would have thought f to put out something as exciting as this. We were waiting for Aaron Paul AKA Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad to move on from his iconic role and finally take on a different spot in the television franchise and here we are. With controversial topics such as religion being the main focus of this show, it makes it even more interesting.

2. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

And how can we forget about the yet another spin-off series of the DC Universe Legend’s of Tomorrow. Consisting of characters that have appeared in popular TV shows such as Arrow and the Flash, this new show will take you to a roller coaster filled with action, drama, more action, and a team that will knock your socks off. People love superhero shows. But people love a team of superheros even more.

1. Colony

Probably the underdog o the bunch, this new series has continued to thrill the audience with anxiety filled arcs and incredibly interesting point of views. Despite the lack of originality of a post-apocalyptic world this show takes us into a whole different perspective. With the deception, the blind trust, the ignorance, and the risks that the characters are taking, this is one show that you should definitely start watching.