31 Mar 2017

Top 10 Solo Musical Artists of 2016!

2016 was a year of amazing music, no one can deny that. Music has always been one of the most marketable talents in the world and it’s no wonder why these artists earn so much money. But with money aside, music brings so many people closer together. Music changes the world and the music that was put out in 2016 did not disappoint. From chart topping hits like 24K Magic and Treat You Better, it has been a year full of surprises from newcomers as well as comebacks from amazing artists. Here are the top 10 solo musical artists of 2016 in no particular order!

10. Selena Gomez

Let’s start off the list right by giving the spotlight to the very beautiful Selena Gomez. Despite not promoting a lot this year, her massive single Hands To Myself took over the radio stations for weeks. Not only that, she shocked the entire world with her intensely sexy music video for the song. Aside from that, her collaboration with another artist in this list with the song We Don’t Talk Anymore took over the charts as well. With two hit singles last year, 2016 was definitely Selena’s year.

9. Justin Timberlake

Prince of pop Justin Timberlake has once again proved to the world that he is not going anywhere. He is a force to be reckoned despite being in the game for almost two decades. His huge hit single Can’t Stop The Feeling got everyone dancing to the catchy beat. If you thought that his pop icon days are over, think again. He’s just not going anywhere anytime soon, fortunately for us.

8. Bruno Mars

One of the most talented artists of the decade, Bruno Mars just won’t stop swooning us with his addictive songs and angel-like vocals. His song 24K Magic may even be considered as the song of the year because of how fun and addictive the song is. After the massive success of Uptown Funk the year before, who would have thought that he wold be able to top it again. He did and that’s what matters.

7. Shawn Mendez

Breakout star Shawn Mendez captivated the world with his emotional and raw vocals. He started his musical career with a YouTube channel and less than a hundred followers. And look where he is now. He is a success story that we all love to root for. Besides, his hit single Treat You Better is a personal favorite.

6. Rihanna

Starting off the year with the sexy and highly addictive hit single Work alongside Drake, Rihanna is definitely a show on her own. She has the vocals that can make everyone listen. With the success of Work, who would have imagined that she would spout another hit single for another collaboration. One of the year’s best singles, This is What You Came For alongside Calvin Harris really threw the ball out of the park.

5. Beyonce

The queen still reigns supreme as she conquered the world of music with her apparently controversial take on music in 2016. Although she didn’t promote her songs commercially, it still managed to top the charts. From her Lemonade album to her Formation music video, Beyonce is an artist that constantly reinvents herself and therefore landing her a spot in this list of best musical artists of 2016.

4. Adele

Clearly this English songstress needs no explanation why she made it in this list. Everybody knows about her 2105 monster hit Hello. But the following year, she once again slammed the charts with hit single Send My Love (To Your New Lover). She’s one of the few artists left who doesn’t only sing about sex, drugs, and money and we are blessed to be in the generation where she truly shone as an artist.

3. Ariana Grande

Reigning pop princess Ariana Grande solidified her already stable American artist by releasing one of the most successful albums of 2016. Dangerous Woman album alongside hit singles Into You, Side to Side and Dangerous Woman slayed the charts and caused a lot of people to murder their replay buttons. She is an artist that we always look forward to.

2. Charlie Puth

Another breakout star Charlie Puth decided that it was time to grab the spotlight while everybody else is busy taking selfies. His soft yet manly vocals can attract all the ladies with just one note sung. His collaboration with Selena Gomez in the song We Don’t Talk Anymore took over the charts as soon as the song was released.

1. Justin Beiber

The man of the hour, Justin Beiber is really starting to get his things together because his music this year was amazing. Last year was also Justin’s year because of the iconic Purpose album with Sorry and What Do You Mean which changed everyone’s opinion about him. Thankfully this year, he has even managed to stay out of trouble, all the while putting out hit collaboration songs such as Let Me Love You and Cold Water.

2016 was really a year to remember when it comes to the music industry. These artists are what made these songs come to life and we look forward to hearing new music this 2017!