7 Aug 2015

Top 10 Movies with Car Chases So Far

For adrenaline junkies out there, car chases with cops would probably be a dream worth living at least once in one’s lifetime, but sadly not always possible. Unless you commit so crime to do just that, but that’s not really gonna end well for any real life being. You can, however, vicariously live through car chase scenes in movies. And the following are the best of all that’s been done throughout cinematic history.

10. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974)

A cult classic, this movie has a crazy NASCAR hopeful, by the name of Larry, go to great lengths to evade the law when he and a friend successfully pull off a supermarket heist. An attractive girl Larry had a one-night stand with, named Mary, comes along for the ride. And it is one hell of a ride, as they try to stay ahead of the sheriff. Crazy ending though. But then again, they had it coming.

9. To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)

There is some slick driving in this one. Just really, really smooth. There’s a lack of big explosions though, but really, this is actually a pretty good 80s film.

8. Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Boy does Nicholas Cage handle the wheel very well (he really did most of them). And this really was one thrilling car chase scene. All those skillfully done maneuvers…mhm…

7. The Blues Brothers

Those sharp suits and driving through a mall that erupts into mayhem, all the while escaping from the police to a really catchy tune makes The Blue Brother‘s car chase scene quite a lot of fun to watch. Plus, the quips. And the highly unlikely chances this will ever play out in reality because…well…money.

6. Smokey and the Bandit

So much country and so many car chases across. Stunts galore, Smokey and the Bandit has. There’s just so much game about it all.

5. Vanishing Point

Another versus-cops car chase right here. And there’s a lot of suspense in this one too, what with all those cops chasing after one guy and the music aiding it to be so. But the ending is really quite heartbreaking to see that really nice car smashing into two bulldozers. Oh! And the person inside along with it too. Crazy…

4. The Bourne Identity

An epic car chase through Paris in a cute little Mini Cooper helmed by Matt Damon. This just goes to show that people don’t necessarily need super speed cars to succeed in a car chase. It’s the skill of the driver that matters. And that plunge down a steep stone staircase? Woah…

3. The French Connection

This was filmed live in a real Brooklyn neighbourhood with no cordoning off of areas. This was quite dangerous, but they actually managed to pull it off. Civilians could have been injured, but they successfully did it. Intensely amazing.

2. Bullitt

This movie features the car chase scene that’s defined all other car chase scenes then on, what with the first-person viewpoint that shows off what Bullitt himself sees, making audiences flinch every sharp turn done too close. Impressive explosion at the end of the car chase. This time, not of the protagonist, but of the baddies. Hair raising-ly good, this one.

1. Ronin

High speed car chases with suspenseful music, plus the knitty-gritty realism of it all makes this the move with the  best car chase scene ever. There’s just so much, but one that really takes the cake is the tunnel-based pursuit of Deidre by the Robert De Niro and the Jean Reno.