30 Oct 2015

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time

YouTube is probably the most influential video streaming sites that could get your talent across to the entire world. Whether you make music just for fun, or you’re an actual recording artists hoping to get the most views because it’ll bring in more fans. Whatever the case is, YouTube has been a platform for many artists to become the successful superstars they are now. With hit after hit, the release of each new music video sparks an entire chain reaction causing the world to want to see them, surely YouTube is an integral part of success in the music industry. But who is the best among the best. Here are the top 10 most viewed YouTube music videos of all time as of October 2015.

10. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth (1B Views)

Used for the soundtrack of the popular film Furious 7, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth was made as a dedication for the late Paul Walker who died in a single-vehicle collision. He was one of the main characters and he passed away while the movie was still shooting midway. “See You Again” topped charts for 12 non-consecutive weeks and is the only hip-hop song to make it to the billion view mark.

9. All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor (1B Views)

For a debut single, “All About That Bass” is definitely a shock to the view count. With over 1 billion views on YouTube and selling over 11 million copies of the song worldwide, Meghan Trainor definitely kicked off at a good start. Although it was wrapped in controversy for it’s anti-feminism lyrics, the song itself and the fun music video is what made it so popular.

8. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars (1B Views)

Spending an amazing fourteen consecutive weeks at the number 1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100, “Uptown Funk” was an incredible success for British producer Mark Ronson. And who could forget about Bruno Mars and his beautiful voice in the song which definitely made it as successful as it is now. Bringing back the old funk style of music, it’s definitely a refresher from all the pop songs in the list.

7. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias featuring Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona (1.1B Views)

The only South American single to reach the billion mark, Enrique Iglesias still has the power to seduce the ladies and make songs even after his prime. Earning an impressive 1.1 billion views, “Bailando” was definitely a huge success for the artist winning him many awards such as Top Latin Award in the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

6. Roar – Katy Perry (1.1B Views)

The first of her work to be in the list, Katy Perry has proven time and time again that she is one of the most popular and successful recording artists of today. Her single Roar reached over 1.1 billion views alone and that’s not even the best part. It’s not a surprise that her single topped the charts in not only the US, but in 14 other countries as well.

5. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift (1.1B Views)

Taylor Swift has come a long way from the girl next door dreaming of her love story into a female artist that has already conquered the world. With this as one out of two tracks that have made the list, that’s already pretty impressive. This fun and vibrant music video talks about the haters and how to deal with them.

4. Dark Horse – Katy Perry featuring Juicy J (1.1B Views)

The second song in the list be world-renowned artist Katy Perry, “Dark Horse” has broken world records for earning so many accolades that it even earned her many awards such as Single of the Year in the American Music Awards and Best Female Music Video in the MTV Video Music Awards. With it’s elements of experimentation, the song itself is a refreshing sound compared to so many music nowadays.

3. Baby – Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris (1.2B Views)

Justin Bieber’s boy next door image isn’t the only thing that took a step back. Going down one number since it was previously the number 2 most viewed video of all time, hit single “Baby” is starting to become a classic since Bieber’s music now is a complete 360 from this song. Although we would like to see the old Bieber back, we’re glad that he’s outgrown this side of him. Even though it might not be the right direction.

2. Blank Space – Taylor Swift (1.2B Views)

The second song in the list by emerging Pop Princess Taylor Swift with her mega-hit single “Blank Space”. With Sean O’Pry as the leading man in the music video, it wasn’t a surprise that the video earned so many views in such little time. Both of their All-American looks, and Taylor’s relateable voice and lyrics are what made it so successful that surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” gaining a whopping 1.2 billion views on YouTube.

1. Gangnam Style – Psy (2.4B Views)

And the number one spot goes to the worldwide Phenomenon that is “Gangnam Style” by Korean artist Psy. The only video on YouTube surpassing the 2 billion view mark, it has definitely changed the view point of so many foreign fans about the rising Korean Music Culture. With the recognition and sometimes hilarious parodies of heavy hitters in the music industry such as Britney Spears to even influential and powerful leaders such as US President Barack Obama, “Gangnam Style” has definitely made history as the most viewed YouTube video of all time.