10 Aug 2016

Top 10 Most Popular Olympic Sports to Watch!

With the Olympics going on, its hard to choose which sports to pay close attention to. There are so many sports involved in the Olympics that it’s a little difficult to track down which ones you are supposed to be watching. However, of course the masses can always be trusted with these sorts of things so it’s if you really do not know what to watch, then why not take advice from the majority. There are bound to be those that a lot of people stay tuned to for the entire games. Here are the top 10 most popular Olympic sports to watch in no particular order.

10. Basketball

To start off this list is probably the most popular game of them all, basketball. It’s one of the most popular sports worldwide so it’s only natural that a lot of people end up watching them even during the Olympics. It will definitely be one of the most watched since even the NBAs are popular worldwide. We can only guess which teams will win this year’s Olympics.

9. Table Tennis

The intricate game of table tennis is another sport that a lot of people pay attention to. The good thing about this is that the game goes by so fast that you can’t help but get excited whenever the ping pong ball moves back and forth between players in lightning speed. China has been dominating the world of table tennis but that doesn’t mean your own country doesn’t stand a chance. Support the game by watching them during the Olympics.

8. Cycling

Everybody can relate to this game because as kids, we all learned how to ride a bike. Unlike other sports where you have probably not played in your entire life, cycling is something you can relate to. Because of that, cycling has become a popular sport to watch in the past few Olympics and for many more Olympics to come. In order to see who is the fastest cyclist in the world, you really need to watch the cycling competitions.

7. Badminton

Another sport that you have probably played during your childhood days, badminton is a game that a lot of people watch. Although it is a little more tame than tennis, it is still a very exciting game especially when you are rooting for your own country to win the prestigious medals. If you think that it doesn’t compare to the intensity of Tennis, then you really need to inform yourself by watching the badminton tournaments during the games.

6. Beach Volleyball

It’s the best sport to watch because it is the summer season after all. Not only will you see athletes at their best fighting for the prestigious medals, but you will also see all the beautiful babes who are competing the in the Women’s division. Now we’re definitely sure that you are going to watch this sport the entire duration of the game.

5. Synchronized Swimming

The beauty and elegance of the ladies who compete in this breathtaking event are the reasons why you really should watch this event during the games. It’s already hard enough to balance yourself when you are swimming at the swimming pool or at the beach, let alone being in sync with a bunch of other people while showing off these amazing moves. Synchronized swimming is definitely a sport to watch during the Olympics.

4. Gymnastics

Perfect balance and flawless execution are the key words that describe this intense sport. A lot of the athletes who compete in this game go through rigorous training even at a young age to really develop their true potential. Because of that, it’s even more exciting to watch. What’s great about this sport is that both the male and female divisions are popular to the masses.

3. 100 M Sprint

Everyone and their mothers know who Usain Bolt is. There’s just something about watching a bunch of athletes race to the finish line. And there’s also something about wanting to know who the fastest person in the world is. With those two things, it’s no wonder that a lot of people wait for this main event. With the iconic Usain Bolt as it’s spokesperson, the 100 M Sprint is definitely a sport that you need to watch during the games.

2. Soccer (Football)

The most popular sport in the entire world, soccer, or football as known in other parts of the world, should be one of the sports that you religiously watch every time the Olympic games are around. From Messi to Ronaldo to many internationally famous athletes who are best known for their soccer skills, it’s exciting to watch. We are definitely looking forward to watching the main events of this particular sport.

1. 50 M Swimming Freestyle

There is nobody else who can live up to Michael Phelps name. His incredible speed and stamina when under water is something that Americans take pride on. Because of that, a lot of people really take their time watching the swimming competitions during the Olympics. Although there are a lot of swimming competitions, this one stands out among the rest because of how fast and difficult it is.