4 Dec 2015

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists in the World!

Just like they’re female counterparts, the male artists of today are just as big, maybe even bigger it depends on what kind of music you prefer. There are so many singers out there who put out so many good songs that it’s kind of hard to choose which ones are the best of them based on their look, image, music, personality and all of that. But when it comes to popularity, the most essential factor that decides that is how much you hear them on the radio, or see them on TV, or see they’re latest scandals on social media. Yes, it is true that a lot of artists now are popular not because of the music. But that doesn’t mean none of them have great music. Here are the top 10 most popular male artists in the world.

10. Usher

Arguably one of the best R&B artists out there, Usher will forever go down in the history books as one of the best musical artists of all time. With his massive hits such as “Yeah!”, “Burn”, “My Boo”, “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love”, and so many more, he has established himself as one of the front runners of the 2000s. Although he is not as popular as he was before, he still has a lot of loyal fans to support him.

9. Chris Brown

And we definitely all know about Chris Brown. Although we have to admit that he puts out good music, especially when he just started in the music scene, his scandals blur the lines and cover his talent for the most part. He is most known for his scandals especially when it involved fellow music artist Rihanna and that has become a part of his image. his music is forever tainted by his actions, but let’s just hope that he puts out a lot more good music without having the need to cause a scene.

8. Taio Cruz

Being one of UK’s top selling artists, Taio Cruz spouts hit after hit just as much as the rest of the artists in this list. Hit songs such as “Break Your Heart”, and “Dynamite” has been played on the radio so many times that he has even won awards in the AMAs and BillBoard Music Awards. Although not as popular as he used to be, he still manages to produce amazing songs that are definitely worth the mention such as latest album “Roses Collection”.

7. Justin Timberlake

Bringing the sexy back has made this former boy band member a shot to super stardom with hit after hit and even breaking records with his incredible “The 20/20 Experience” album. But it doesn’t stop there. Yes, he is known for his sexy songs, but he is also known for appearing in a few films himself as actor. Venturing outside of his realm of music is something not a lot succeed in. He is definitely an overall performer.

6. Sam Smith

When you’re a bit down because of things going on in your life, you have probably listened to one of Sam Smith’s songs already. Hit after hit after hit has earned him many awards including four Grammy Awards even when he just debuted as a singer. That’s pretty impressive fora newbie in the industry. Well, I guess who can deny his talent. His countless hit songs such as “Stay With Me”, “I’m Not The Only One”, “Latch” and many more are enough proof of that.

5. Ed Sheeran

And who could forget about Ed Sheeran. Who doesn’t know Ed Sheeran and his heaven sent voice. His song writing abilities are also a gift from the heavens, managing to make the world cry with just a few notes. Songs such as “The A Team”, “Lego House”, “Sing”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “Photograph” and so many more clearly show the kind of popularity he has based on his beautiful vocals and moving lyrics.

4. One Direction

And the boys of One Direction are prime examples of what international popularity is all about. Their massive fan base is quite a spectacle that people from all ages and sizes would want to come to see them live in concert even if they may seem a bit pricey. Although one member has turn over the cape and walked behind the curtain already, the other four are still as strong as ever, proving to the world why they are so popular.

3. Justin Bieber

And the one who rose from the dead, Justin Bieber who has reclaimed his throne with hit after hit. Sure he was mega-popular before because of his loyal, and sometimes crazy, fans. But after his music transformation, he has converted so many anti-fans into actual fans because of the recent music he has been putting out. From the world-wide phenomenon “Baby” all the way to his most recent songs such as “Where Are You Now”, “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?”, he is definitely one of thee most popular male artists of today.

2. Adam Levine

The lead singer of Maroon 5 is probably one of the most desired male artists by women from all over the world. His tattoos are pretty sick and he has amazing songs. But what makes so many ladies fawn over him is his signature bad boy look and everyone seems to be falling head over heels. Who can blame them? His voice is like of an angel and we can’t deny that. With Maroon 5’s countless hit songs under their belt, surely it will stay as long as it wants to.

1. Bruno Mars

A man with many talents and a charming personality, it’s no wonder he has garnered a lot of fans of all ages, sizes, and even genders. His songs are spread all over the world and he definitely deserves all thee credit. Winning two Grammy awards with his amazing songs, Bruno Mars might be the only one to save this new generation.