13 Jan 2016

Top 10 List: Top 10 Famous Playboys In History

Sure, the adventures in seduction of fictional characters Don Juan and James Bond make them winners in our book (literally). But this is merely the product of the hyperactive imaginations of writers. Ian Fleming for one attempted to bring to life Bond’s seductive prowess, but we’ll get to that later. Sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction. That couldn’t be more true in this case. When you read about these famous playboys’ exploits, you’ll wonder how they found the energy and the time to do anything else. But you’ll discover in this list, these men have made notable strides in their personal careers. They’re not just dudes sitting at home, checking off a list of women to do. They had built empires, made movies, wrote famous novels, conquered entire countries, ran fascist regimes, and bedded a girl or two by the end of the day. So what have you been up to today?

10. Genghis Khan

The Mongolian warlord himself not only conquered and plundered entire countries, he also took their women. He conquered not only with his battle weapons, but also with his ultimate weapon of mass procreation leading historians and scientists today to believe he currently has 16 M male descendants running around spreading his seed.

9. Casanova

Who says writers don’t get laid? Casanova and the men in our numbers 8 and 9 will prove that awful misconception wrong. First let’s start of with the author of the legendary Don Juan, who did his protagonist justice with his own sexual exploits. It wasn’t just a numbers game for Casanova, he took pride in being a great lover.

8. Lord Byron

The famous poet and writer was so famous in his time that historians believe he was the first certified celebrity in history. He glorified in his fame, both for his poetry and his sexual expoits that once got him into trouble and required the great seducer to take a time off from England. He probably ran away to Venice where he bedded a reported 250 women in a single year.

7. Ian Fleming

The author of the famous Bond novels himself lived accordingly to his protagonist’s sexual exploits. The only difference? He didn’t need spy skills and savvy tech to do so. He relied simply on his talents and wit to pick up ladies, probably promising them an appearance or a mention in his novels and the movies that were inspired by it. Although he enjoyed liaisons with countless women, he didn’t much care for their company. He was quite the misogynist, which is further proof that some (or maybe a lot of) women have poor taste in men.

6. Fidel Castro

Running a dictatorial regime is no easy feat. You gotta be disciplined and stick firmly with your list of tasks, every minute counts. Apparently for this dictator, his list of tasks included an AM and PM rendezvous, each with a different woman. You run a tight ship, dear sir. He is believed to have slept with over 35,000 women in his lifetime. But that might now be entirely his faut, the great leader is oozing with so much sexual appeal, women apparently swooned as soon as his plane touched down in Havana and in US.

5. Hugh Hefner

This is one playboy that made his sexual conquests not a task to tick off the to do list, or a past time, but a way of life. And he built an entire empire around it. He reportedly realized his true calling thanks to an unfaithful ex wife, who he caught in bed with another man. When life give you lemons, eh? Forget what his latest wife has said about his performance, “In and out in 2 seconds”, we have to give the ol’ man due credit for his legendary womanizing ways. He got rich off seducing and bedding women. Can we get a hallelujah over here?

4. JFK

JFK had the charm, wit, and great fortune of being married to Jacqueline Kennedy while engaged in an illicit affair with sexpot bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Who could forget her famous birthday dedication? If that didn’t conjure up images of the two of them in bed then there’s something wrong with you. He once famously said to afriend if he didn’t get his fill of nubile young women throwing themselves at him, he’d suffer and excruciating migraine, which would make sleeping with him a matter of national importance. Smooth, Mr. President.

3. Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty took to heart the famous phrase, ‘Strike while the iron is hot’. Now in his seventies and married to the love of his life, actress Annette Bening, Warren took his sweet time seducing and sexing up famous actresses and personalities in his heyday. His stellar list of conquests include Jacqueline Kennedy, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross, Diane Keaton, Princess Margaret, Vivien Leigh, Brigitte Bardot, Madonna, and Cher, among others. Quite the heartbreaker, it is believed he is the object of the song ‘You’re so vain’ by Carly Simon.

2. Russell Brand

The scruffy comedian was so sexxed up he went to rehab for it. The former Mr. Katy Perry, would train his handlers to lead women to the backstage where he had a harem set up. Prior to entering rehab for his devious seductive ways in 2007, he had reportedly already slept with over 2,000 women.

1. Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons lived the ultimate rockstar lifestyle with drugs, booze and tons of sex. And he kept a memento of every one of his sexual conquests with photographic evidence. How did he amass such great amount of pussy you ask? Perhaps it was his majestically long tongue, which he had a fondness for displaying during his performances. He is currently married to long time girlfriend, Shannon Tweed. We’ll assume that album is currently entombed somewhere off the pacific.