26 Feb 2010

Top 10 Hottest Romanian babes

I’ve seen a lot of lists with the most beautiful women from all the world and sexiest girls from certain countries but I’ve never seen a list with the top 10 hottest Romanian babes. So, since I’ve been with a couple of Romanian babes in my life, probably with more than you’ll ever be with, I think I know a thing or two about girls from this country and decided to make a special list with the hottest babes from Romania. Ready? Let’s start the list with no.10!

10. Beatrice Chirita

Beatrice Chirita 1

Beatrice Chirita is a beautiful model from Romania who became pretty well known all over the world. Even though she started her modeling career at just 27 this babe’s amazing sexiness was quickly appreciated and she started posing for famous fashion brands and for mens magazines such as Maxim. Some people even considered her the Romanian version of Salma Hayek.

Beatrice Chirita 1 Beatrice Chirita 2 Beatrice Chirita 3 Beatrice Chirita 4 Beatrice Chirita 5 Beatrice Chirita 6 Beatrice Chirita 7 Beatrice Chirita 8 Beatrice Chirita 9

9. Andreea Mantea

Andreea Mantea 1

Andreea Mantea is the type of girl that would do probably everything to be in the spotlight. She appeared on TV on numerous TV shows, she took her clothes off for a couple of mens magazines and she was even appreciated by Hugh Heffner, she also dates douchebags just to be featured in the newspapers and so on. I think she craves for attention but heck, she’s hot and that’s enough for me, she shouldn’t do anything else.

Andreea Mantea 1 Andreea Mantea 2 Andreea Mantea 3 Andreea Mantea 4 Andreea Mantea 5 Andreea Mantea 6 Andreea Mantea 7 Andreea Mantea 8 Andreea Mantea 9

8. Gina Pistol

Gina Pistol 1

Gina Pistol is another stunning model from this country who became pretty popular after accepting to show off her delightful body without any clothes on. She was even a WAG for quite some time and her beauty was featured in several local mens magazines.

Gina Pistol 1 Gina Pistol 2 Gina Pistol 3 Gina Pistol 4 Gina Pistol 5 Gina Pistol 6 Gina Pistol 7 Gina Pistol 8 Gina Pistol 9

7. Daniela Crudu

Daniela Crudu 1

Daniela Crudu was a go-go dancer a couple of years ago and she was like a mixture between cute and naughty back then. At around 18 she got some breast implants and then her modeling career got a pretty big boost. She started to appear on TV and she became pretty popular after acting stupid and showing off her dance skills and amazing cleavage at a morning show.

Daniela Crudu 1 Daniela Crudu 2 Daniela Crudu 3 Daniela Crudu 4 Daniela Crudu 5 Daniela Crudu 6 Daniela Crudu 7 Daniela Crudu 8 Daniela Crudu 9

6. Alina Vacariu

Alina Vacariu 1

Back in 1998, when she was just 14, Alina Vacariu became Romania’s model of the year and you can imagine how much attention she received since then. This babe was always gorgeous and she quickly became pretty popular all over the world, posing for Stuff, Maxim and a lot of popular fashion brands.

Alina Vacariu 1 Alina Vacariu 2 Alina Vacariu 3 Alina Vacariu 4 Alina Vacariu 5 Alina Vacariu 6 Alina Vacariu 7 Alina Vacariu 8 Alina Vacariu 9

5. Laura Cosoi

Laura Cosoi 1

Laura Cosoi first appeared on TV in a sort of sitcom that was supposed to be pretty funny. The sitcom was pretty shitty but this babe surely raised its viewership a lot just by showing off her tight body around there. She quickly became pretty popular and made it to a lot of mens magazines and now she acts in other soap-operas.

Laura Cosoi 1 Laura Cosoi 2 Laura Cosoi 3 Laura Cosoi 4 Laura Cosoi 5 Laura Cosoi 6 Laura Cosoi 7 Laura Cosoi 8 Laura Cosoi 9

4. Madalina Diana Ghenea

Madalina Diana Ghenea 1

Madalina Diana Ghenea is another popular model from Romania who impressed almost everyone with her amazing body and great rack. She’s young, scorching hot and she already made a couple of amazing shoots for some of the most famous lingerie designers who knew that her + lingerie = maximum success!

Madalina Diana Ghenea 1 Madalina Diana Ghenea 2 Madalina Diana Ghenea 3 Madalina Diana Ghenea 4 Madalina Diana Ghenea 5 Madalina Diana Ghenea 6 Madalina Diana Ghenea 7 Madalina Diana Ghenea 8 Madalina Diana Ghenea 9

3. Nicoleta Luciu

Nicoleta Luciu 1

Nicoleta Luciu was crowned Miss Romania back in 1999 and judging by these pics we can clearly see why. Since then, she showed off her drool inducing body in a couple of mens magazines and she surely got everyone’s attention. This girl is a complete stunner and she probably has one of the most amazing racks in the whole world. Did we mention her body is all natural?

Nicoleta Luciu 1 Nicoleta Luciu 2 Nicoleta Luciu 3 Nicoleta Luciu 4 Nicoleta Luciu 5 Nicoleta Luciu 6 Nicoleta Luciu 7 Nicoleta Luciu 8 Nicoleta Luciu 9

2. Alina Puscau

Alina Puscau 1

Alina Puscau became an overnight sensation with her modeling career soon after she was discovered in Bucharest. It’s no surprise that everyone was impressed by this girl’s sexiness since every inch of her body looks perfect. Alina has more curves than an F1 circuit, sultry lips and vibrant green eyes. Apart from modeling, this babe also sings pretty well even though she has a funny English accent.

Alina Puscau 1 Alina Puscau 2 Alina Puscau 3 Alina Puscau 4 Alina Puscau 5 Alina Puscau 6 Alina Puscau 7 Alina Puscau 8 Alina Puscau 9

1. Catrinel Menghia

Catrinel Menghia 1

Catrinel Menghia is the definition of perfection in my opinion. This babe is so incredible that new words such as “hotlicious” which is a combination of super hot + delicious should be invented to describe her beauty. Actually, she’s so hot that just called her “hot” would not do her justice. At just 24 Catrinel already took over the whole world and appeared in some amazing pictorials for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, FHM, Maxin and dozens of other mens magazines. She’s currently the face of Giorgio Armani and probably the hardest part of this top10 list was selecting just a couple of pictures with her because this babe looks amazing in every single picture you’ll find with her.

Catrinel Menghia 1 Catrinel Menghia 2 Catrinel Menghia 3 Catrinel Menghia 4 Catrinel Menghia 5 Catrinel Menghia 6 Catrinel Menghia 7 Catrinel Menghia 8 Catrinel Menghia 9 Catrinel Menghia 10 Catrinel Menghia 11 Catrinel Menghia 12 Catrinel Menghia 13 Catrinel Menghia 14 Catrinel Menghia 15 Catrinel Menghia 16 Catrinel Menghia 17 Catrinel Menghia 18