25 Feb 2016

Top 10 Hottest MILFs In Hollywood

You know you love them. We’ve all had one at some point in our lives. You may have had this confusing, tingly feeling whenever your classmate’s mom would come around to pick him up from kindergarten. Or maybe your mom had a friend, who when you found out was coming over you’d find yourself plotting reasons to keep passing by the kitchen just to catch a glimpse of. Or you had a neighbor with a conveniently placed bathroom window that got you to buy a pair of binoculars real quick. They’re one of the most searched porn in history. They’re God’s cruelest jokes. But boy, do we love them. MILFs should top the list of the greatest wonders of the world. And we’ve compiled a little list for your pleasure.

10. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba


She was the ultimate TV sex symbol, playing the sultry dark angel, we loved watching her action scenes in those tight leather pants. And although the mom of two has been laying low from the film industry as of late to focus on raising her beautiful family, she graces us with a photo of her in the beach, bikini-clad every now and then.

9. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian


Like her or not, you can’t argue this mom of three is one hot MILF. After the birth of her 3rd child and separation from husband Scott Disick, the petite Armenian-American has always been sexy, but she has started working out intensively and the results are jaw-dropping, check out her latest photos. Now that’s what we call an epic breakup revenge.

8. Demi Moore

Demi Moore


How could we not include her in this list? Her Vanity Fair cover back in 1991 is one of the sexiest and best-selling covers of all time. The pregnant sexy brunette appeared completely nude on the cover, ruffling feathers and being declared ‘The Pregnant Sex Symbol’. The mom of three did it again a year later, naked once again in a painted on tuxedo. She starred in a couple of provocative films back in the 90’s. She then reappeared in the public eye as the ultimate MILF with then boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior.

7. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum


The fun and sexy German model is mother to 4, but you can never tell from photos of her bikini clad and lounging in a beach. She has never shied away from nudity, with a body as incredible as that, why should she be? Posing wearing nothing at all, or covered in body paint, Heidi is a sight to behold. The ultimate cool mom, she is famous for her over the top Halloween costumes and annual Halloween parties, but let’s not forget the fact that the leggy blonde is still one of the most famous and highest earning supermodels of our time.

6. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara


The hot and feisty Colombian comedienne became a household name after her Golden Globe nominated performance in hit series Modern Family. But many fans were surprised to find out the statuesque stunner is also a mom to 23 year old Manolo, a son she had at 18 with her highschool sweetheart.

5. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr


The angelic faced Australian supermodel may have retired her Victoria’s Secret wings, but she hasn’t stopped posing naked for magazine spreads, God bless her heart. Frequently named both in Forbes’ Highest Earning Models and FHM Sexiest Women lists, the fresh-faced beauty is a media darling and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

4. Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke


Who would believe the sexy host of Wild On! is now a mother of four? More importantly, that body just seems to keep getting better and better with time. But it didn’t come easy, the gorgeous brunette maintains a strict diet and a regular exercise regimen. And boy did it pay off, as she has been a favorite of men’s magazines, gracing the cover of FHM, Maxim, Stuff, and Playboy numerous times.

3. Beyoncé



Beyoncé has become such an ‘irreplaceable’ (get it?) part of pop culture, that there probably isn’t a man alive that can’t ‘say her name’ (sorry) or at least recognize her face. But Blue Ivy’s hot momma isn’t slowing down, despite juggling her heavyweight roles as singer-songwriter, businesswoman, fashion designer, endorser, and philanthropist, she still manages to regularly upload personal photos for her fans on her instagram account. And aren’t we glad the incredibly sexy momma just loves taking selfies?

2. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen


The incredibly sexy Brazilian supermodel has become a fixture on notable lists, such as Forbes’ Highest Earning Models, 100 Most Powerful Women, World’s Highest Paid Celebrity Couple with husband Tom Brady, alongside fellow power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé, GQ Magazine’s 100 Hottest Women Of The 20th Century, Rolling Stone Magazine hailed her as The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, AskMen’s annual sexiest list names Gisele as being in every single list for ten years in a row, and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Society has dubbed her as the ‘Boobs of Brazil’ for her influence in the sudden rise of women requesting for breast augmentation and specifically asking for her boobs. And if that’s not enough to get her on this list, how about the fact that just three months after giving birth, she posed for a Sports Illustrated cover, she then broke this record when just two months after pushing her 2nd baby out, she posed for another sexy spread by Mario Testino.

1. Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci


The sultry French bombshell deserves the number 1 spot on this list for being the oldest Bond girl ever, among other reasons, which we will happily discuss in detail. She recently sparked buzz with her much awaited casting as the famous British spy’s lady love in 2015’s Spectre. A well deserved honor, considering the gorgeous 51 year old looks more stunning and sexy than most women half her age. She has two daughters with ex-husband Vincent Cassel but that hasn’t stopped the striking brunette from aging gracefully. She is known for her sensual and provocative roles such as the maligned seductress in Malèna, the reformed prostitute Magdalena in Passion Of The Christ, and the sexy and mysterious Persephone in The Matrix Reloaded, a role that earned her a spot in Empire Magazine’s The Sexiest 25 Characters In Cinema, and one of the 25 Sexiest Women Of All Time.