9 May 2016

Top 10 Hit Songs of The Legendary Beyonce!

Without a doubt, one of the biggest music acts in the past decade, Beyonce has come a long way from singing from her living room when she was a child to winning her 17th Grammy. She has definitely inspired so many with her wide range of songs, from sad love songs to women empowerment. She knows how to take advantage of the platform that she has by singing about issues that should be tackled in society. With that being said, it;s only right that we pay tribute to her by giving a top 10 list of her hit singles. Here are the top 10 hit songs of the legendary Beyonce.

10. Sweet Dreams

To start off this list is none other than the hit single Sweet Dreams that was actually a part of an obstacle that she had to face. It was leaked several months before it was supposed to be released. But since she is Queen Bey, she took it in stride, released it and smashed all the haters by bringing the roof down and topping all the music charts.

9. Love On Top

One of the hardest songs to sing because of the seemingly endless increase of pitch at the end of the song, Love On Top is definitely at the top for so many weeks. It is most likely one of the most covered songs and it has become Beyonce’s signature songs that she performed in award shows that blew the entire crowd and the people back at home away.

8. If I Were A Boy

A different side of Beyonce is her soft and slow side that has become a huge hit after it’s release in the market. Gaining wide spread critical acclaim for standing up for herself and for all the women out there who are being controlled by hypocritical boyfriends. But surely, she must not have been feeling the same thing because she sure is living a happy life now that she is married.

7. Halo

Following one of her most well-known ballads, Halo is a feel good song that everyone can relate to because of the passion she has when she performs this song. She is a gift from the heavens and we are so lucky enough to be a part of history where she reached her peak and is one of the most popular current artists in the world.

6. Naughty Girl

Beyonce isn’t afraid to show off her sensual side especially when she is one smokin’ hot babe. Obviously she would use that to her advantage. However, aside from the provocative lyrics and the sexy choreography, she simply grabs everyone’s attention without even trying too hard unlike other artists out there. Naughty Girl may not have reached the number 1 spot in a particular chart, but she still reached number 1 in others.

5. Singe Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

By far her biggest hit that made her a household name, Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) was so big that there are so many parodies of it. If you remember Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, his rendition was an indication that even fellow artists acknowledge her talent in the music industry. Empowering women and telling men to man up and put a ring on it, this hit stayed on the charts for so many weeks.

4. Check On It

With the enormous success of Crazy in Love and Baby Boy, collaborations have been a part of Beyonce’s discography ever since she found out that it worked in the entertainment industry. The fans ate it all up and once again managed to grab the number 1 spot. And not only that, she also stayed there for five whole weeks. It might not be much but only a few artists can actually pull that off.

3. Crazy in Love

People were a bit hesitant in seeing Beyonce on her own without her girls in Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. But she slayed so hard that she became number 1 even though it was her first single as a solo artist. Now that’s what we call a true artist. And to think that the collaboration with Jay-Z would spark something we already knew was going to happen back in the day.

2. Baby Boy

After establishing her career as a solo artist with her debut single Crazy in Love, Baby Boy was even more successful which made her one of the most successful and most popular artists at the time. Her collaborations with different artists such as in this one with Sean Paul has proved to be a success and whatever she throws out, it manages to turn into Platinum albums. Go figure.

1. Irreplaceable

Achieving one of her longest reigns on the number 1 spot, Irreplaceable was simply just that, irreplaceable. Beyonce’s massive hit was a world-wide success that it was even number one in several other countries other than United States of America. This title track stayed at the number 1 spot for 10 consecutive days. You heard that right, 10. That’s the power of Queen Bey for sure.