25 May 2016

Top 10 Hit Singles of International Artist Bruno Mars!

An international pop icon, Bruno Mars is one of the most popular artists in the music industry. And well deserved as well for his soothing vocals and addictive songs. Although he has not won a Grammy yet, everybody knows he deserves one and it’s only a matter of time before he does win one. This radio sensation has captured the hearts of so many, both male and female fans, for his diverse and distinct sound that a lot of people love to hear on a daily basis. His hit singles are immense success both domestically and internationally that it’s only right to give a tribute to him and his music. Here are the Top 10 Hit Singles of International Artist Bruno Mars.

10. Billionaire

Bruno Mars is famous for featuring hit singles such as Billionaire that reached the top of the charts the moment it was released. It’s fun beat and creative lyrics is what made it such a radio sensation. As Travie McCoy’s debut song, Bruno Mars definitely helped make this a song to remember. Having over 3 million digital downloads, it’s no wonder it’s one of his best music yet.

9. It Will Rain

Bruno Mars’ 2011 hit single It Will Rain smashed the charts with it’s heart wrenching lyrics and his emotional vocals. It was such a big hit that it was even nominated for a Teens Choice Award in the Choice Single category for male artists. It was even featured on the soundtrack of The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Although it did not reach the number one spot on the Billboard chart, it still reached the top in countless countries and other charts.

8. Treasure

Released in 2013, Treasure was an immense success in the charts and was actually written by Bruno Mars himself. With it’s ingenious combination of R&B, funk, disco and several other elements that make up this monster hit, it was bound to be one of the most played songs of the year. In fact, it was even certified as three-times platinum and is still to this day being downloaded by so many people.

7. Nothin’ On You

Although Bruno Mars is only a featured artist in this song, it still reached the number 1 spot in charts all over the world therefore it does deserve to be in this list. Just like Travie McCoy’s Billionaire, Nothin’ On You is also the debut song of artist B.o.B. which sky-rocketed his career to international super stardom because of this single alone. It was so successful that it even got nominated for three Grammy awards.

6. Uptown Funk

Continuing on with the hit singles that Bruno Mars has featured on, Uptown Funk was a storm that nobody expected. The lead artist in the single is British producer Mark Ronson and it’s not the only collaboration that the power duo has put out. This hit single was so popular that it reached over a billion views on YouTube alone, making it one of very few videos to reach the billion view mark.

5. Lazy Song

One of Bruno Mars’ iconic hit singles, Lazy Song is a song all about relaxing and just taking the day off from life which is why it is one of his best songs yet. A lot of people can relate to it with lyrics that will make you just want to lay down on your bed for the rest of the day without doing anything. We experience that feeling all the time, not wanting to go to work or school. But with this song, now we have a reason to give in. However, not all the time though.

4. Grenade

The single that solidified Bruno Mars’ spot as on of America’s top artists, 2010 hit single Grenade took the number 1 spot the moment it was released. From his debut album Doo-Woops & Hooligans, Grenade was an instant hit, reaching the top in thirteen different countries all over the world. Just like everybody else in the game, break up songs seem to be the ones that become so popular.

3. When I Was Your Man

One of the most heart-wrenching songs that he has ever put, When I Was Your Man was a big surprise to the world. He deviated from his usual fun and relaxing tunes and addictive lyrics and created an emotional ballad that broke the hearts of many. It is a song about a man not being able to do the things he ought to have done as a boyfriend and is just realizing it when he sees his ex-girlfriend with another man.

2. Locked out of Heaven

Bruno Mars is most well-known for his sweet vocals which was evident in the hit single Locked Out of Heaven released in 2012. Being the lead single of his Unorthodox Jukebox album, it gained quite the popularity, making it one of his signature songs. It’s funky sound further shows the musical direction that Bruno Mars loves to take on and without a doubt it works perfectly well with his soothing and sweet vocals.

1. Just The Way You Are

Without a doubt Bruno Mars’ best single to date, Just The Way You Are is one of the most successful debut singles of all time. Selling over 13 million copies worldwide and still counting, this hit single definitely showed the world that Bruno Mars is here to stay in the industry and will be here for a very long time. His incredible musicality and overwhelming talent won the hearts of so many. And don’t forget about his irresistible charm. it was even featured in the massively successful movie Pitch Perfect. Without a doubt, Bruno Mars’ best work.