1 Apr 2016

Top 10 Funniest Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is home to all sorts of amazing things, like weird one liner thought spurts from people to actual facts regarding current world affairs. Although they can be great sources of information (the latter) and amusement (the former), one of Twitter’s true gems are the funny people with funny bones, constantly tweeting short funny things that are limited to just 140 characters.

So here’s to the top 10 funniest accounts to follow on Twitter. Because they’re worth the follow. Also, this is purely subjective, since not everyone has the same sense of humor.

Anyway…to the list.


Actually, before the list, we’ve got the honorable mentions. They didn’t quite make the top 10, but they’re still pretty awesome nonetheless.

 – @KyloR3n (Emo Kylo Ren) – Bio: ren’s rights activist

You guessed it. The internet’s manifestation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘s Kylo Ren in all its emo glory. Please enjoy.


@_Snape_ (Professor Snape) – Bio: There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this Twitter feed.

In remembrance of Alan Rickman, who will forever be most well known by most millenials as Snape, we present to you this Twitter account to follow. It’s pretty wicked cool.


@TheLincoln (Lincoln Michel)Bio: Editor at and . I published this book: and wrote this one:

He may not have as many followers as the others in this list, but who can ever get enough of someone calling typos out with jokes? Also, his recent tweet on Ben Carson is pretty entertaining.


Now, on to the real deal.


10. @ConanOBrien (Conan O’Brien) – Bio: The voice of the people. Sorry, people.

Followers: 19.7M

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

You gotta know this guy. He’s probably one of the most famous red-heads in the world, right next to Ed Sheeran and Ron Weasley Rupert Grint. Conan O’Brien, everybody!

Like I needed to do that at all…


9. @stephenathome (Stephen Colbert) – Bio: Vehicle

Followers: 10.3M

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

Crazy Tolkien nerd fan ever, who’s beat some of the biggest experts on Tolkien from Peter Jackson’s very crew of Tolkien experts, be prepared for a lot of spunk and sarcasm from his tweets.


8. @Lmao (Funny Tweets™) – Bio: *lowkey in love with food*

Followers: 4.77M

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

Right? Isn’t that so true? Doesn’t everybody wish that? For boobs to do the bra thing without the bra being there? It’d make some very intimate physical moment things very interesting. Very interesting indeed…

This account speaks the truths of this world in the most humorous ways possible.


7. @FirstWorldPains (First World Pains) – Bio: I want to write an online bio, but I can’t think of anything.

Follower: 700K

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

Lots of memes interspersed with text makes for some funniness.


6. @OhWonka (Condescending Wonka) – Bio: Oh, you have swag? I bet that looks great on a resume.

Followers: 514K

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

Condescending humor that insults people’s usually intelligent thinking? Sign me up!


5. @DeathStarPR (Death Star PR) – Bio: The Galactic Empire has been getting a bad rap. We’re here to set the record straight. See the WEB SERIES atDeathStarPR@gmail.com

Followers: 295K

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

Who’d have thought this up but someone on Twitter. A PR department for the Death Star? Didn’t know it could even exist. Only on Twitter.


4. @chuck_facts (Chuck Norris Facts) – Bio: Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird. These facts may not be facts, it’s probably safer to believe them though.

Followers: 273K

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

Yes. Chuck Norris has been around for a long while now, but he’s still at it with outrageous things. This account only proves that there are things only Chuck Norris can do.


3. @Lord_Voldemort7 (The Dark Lord) – Bio: Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart…

Followers: 2.09M

Most Recent Humorous Tweet(s):

Both Potterheads and non-Potterheads in the vastly muggle world can enjoy “You Know Who” and his humorous tweets. Also, at the moment, he’s slamming Kylo Ren from Star Wars. Will there be a Twitter war soon with Emo Kylo Ren (@KyloR3n)soon, with Professor Snape (@_Snape_) butting in? We don’t quite know. But it would be something to anticipate.


2. @TheBatman (The Batman) – Bio: The hero Twitter deserves, but not the one it needs. So you’ll follow him. Because he can take it. GDB@batcomputer.net

Followers: 456K

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

Does Twitter deserve a Batman? Yes. And does it need him? Another resounding YES! Because who can ever get enough of Gotham’s one and only savior? He’s BATMAN!


1.  @MedievalReacts (Medieval Reactions) – Bio: Enquiries: Contains DM’s Open!

Followers: 362K

Most Recent Humorous Tweet:

And up top is Medieval Reactions with paintings reacting to things. Pretty entertaining.

So. That’s that. Now go follow a few new accounts on Twitter guaranteed to make you chortle.