3 Jul 2017

Top 10 Female DC Superheroes!

When a person talks about superheroes, the first people that come to mind is Superman or Batman. People tend to forget that their female counterparts are what makes the story line thrilling. Catfights aren’t the only fights they know. Most of these bad-ass women can even beat the likes of many male superheroes and it is such a breath of fresh air to see that. With DC being one of the biggest universes that celebrates both male and female DC superheroes, here are the top 10 female DC superheroes.

10. Vixen

To start of this list is the lovely lady Vixen with her stunning model looks and sharp claws that could cut steel. This beauty with incredible beast powers is often underrated and has little to no screen time until she become one of the regulars in the television series Justice League Unlimited. From the strength of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah, and stealthiness of a spider, she can practically turn into any animal she pleases depending on the situation at hand.

9. Artemis

Debuted in the Young Justice animated series, Artemis is one of the more interesting characters not because of her skills but because of her family background. Her mom is an ex-convict, and her dad and her older sister are both villains. Now that is a family that can have lots of interactions, side plots, and story arcs if written well. Her iconic blonde hair and green outfit makes her a fan favorite.

8. Huntress

Whether its the Justice League Unlimited version or the DC universe version in CW, huntress has been portrayed as a bit of a rebel. She is not the typical superhero where she does what she does for the good of humanity. She thinks of her own interests first before everyone else’s and that may be partly because of her association with a crime boss, her father.

7. Bat Girl

There have been many bat girls in the DC universe and whichever bat girl it is, they always seem to get on Batman’s nerves. Actually, all of Batman’s “kids” drive him insane sometimes and that is the beauty of taking in kids as sidekicks. What makes her so great is that she actually uses her smarts and intelligence to get out of sticky situations. And don’t forget about her martial arts expertise as well.

6. Fire

The sexy latina from the South, Fire is definitely a spicy edition to the team. Although she only appears in the Justice League Unlimited universe, her appearances still made a huge impact. Either it was her almost too revealing outfit or her incredible green flames, she definitely became a fan favorite. If only we got to see more of her and her best friend Ice in action. The deadly combination of the two elemental ladies would have kicked some villain butt.

5. Black Canary

Need we say more. Black Canary is a show on her own. Of course her beauty is undeniable. Heck, even Green Arrow managed to fall for her. But it’s her incredible physique and technique that puts her at the top of the food chain. Most people would think that she’s only good because of her canary voice powers. But she is actually even revered by her fellow colleagues at the Justice League as a legendary close combat fighter.

4. Supergirl

The niece of Superman himself, Supergirl is definitely an interesting character. She has appeared in most of the animated series and she even has her own television show in CW. What makes her so popular aside from the iconic S on her chest is that she tries to get rid of the stereotype and be a superhero on her own right without having to ride on Superman’s coat tail.

3. Zatanna

The sexy magician that managed to tame the man who supposedly cannot be tamed, Zatanna has definitely proven herself as a powerful adversary of the main characters. Although she hasn’t had any major parts in any of the shows, she still plays significant roles because of her unique powers. If only magicians looked like her, we’d want to watch every single show she performs at.

2. Hawkgirl

The undisputed female DC powerhouse of the league, with the exception of the next character on the list, Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman is one of the most riveting characters of the DC universe. With her interesting background, she definitely has what it takes to star in her own show. Her stunning beauty and bright mind combined with her brute strength, she is a force to be reckoned with. And let’s not forget, she can fly because she has wings. How cool is that?

1. Wonderwoman

The most popular female superhero of all time, Wonderwoman is one heck of a woman indeed. Being one of the Amazons, she has a particular disliking with mankind. But eventually, she started to care for them and has since become one of the most powerful women in the DC universe. And don’t forget to mention drop dead gorgeous. We would not want to get on her nerves. She definitely is the number one female DC superhero of all time.