9 Dec 2016

Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes Ever Recorded in History!

They say that mankind will be it’s own demise. That may be true because of all the pollution that humans create every day. However, we simply just can’t ignore the fact that nature is also a dangerous entity that threatens our very existence. Some might say it’s pay back, while others say it’s as natural as it gets. However, it still occurs and these natural disasters are so catastrophic that they take thousands of lives in a blink of an eye. Earthquakes are one of these natural disasters that cause huge casualties. Here are the top 10 deadliest earthquakes ever recorded in history.

10. Assam, Tibet (1950)

The terrifying Assam earthquake had a record of 8.6 magnitude and had rocked the world so hard that it had affected water levels all the way to Europe. Although the recorded casualties say that a little over 1500 people, it may be a lot more as there was no exact body count after the fact. The earthquake caused landslides and volcanoes to erupt which made the disaster even worse.

9. Sumatra, Indonesia (2005)

Indonesia has been bombarded with deadly earthquakes in history and this is just one of many that caused thousands of casualties. The more popular one will be mentioned below but what’s so devastating about this earthquake is that this happened just months after the big one hit the country. They were still recuperating when another big earthquake hit the nation and rocked it’s core killing a little over a thousand people with an 8.6 magnitude.

8. Rat Islands, Alaska (1965)

One of the most powerful earthquakes that has ever happened in the North American continent, the Rat Islands in Alaska experienced a massive 8.7 earthquake that devastated the state. Although it was not deadly with no casualties recorded, the location is partly the reason for that. If it happened in a populated area, then the 30 feet tsunami would have probably sunk several cities.

7. Ecuador Coast (1906)

With the most recent earthquake being in Chile, the South American continent is no stranger to powerful and deadly earthquakes. Along the coast of Ecuador was an earthquake that recorded a magnitude of about 8.8. Just like many of the earthquakes in this list, what made it deadly was the tsunami that followed which killed five hundred to over a thousand people.

6. Bio-Bio, Chile (2010)

The most recent earthquake that rocked the world of media, Chile experienced a devastating 8.8 magnitude which cost about five hundred lives and injured hundreds of thousands. With that kind of casualty, it was only natural that it cost a lot of money as well. The cost has been an estimated 30 billion US dollars which severely damaged the country’s economy.

5. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (1952)

It’s hard to imagine what a 9.0 magnitude earthquake is like. You’re better off not knowing if you know what’s good for you. This devastating earthquake fortunately did not cause any casualties. But it did do a lot of property damage to Hawaii. Yes, you read that right. The earthquake was so strong that it caused a tsunami that affected all the way to the Hawaiian islands.

4. Sendai, Japan (2011)

News broke out that shocked the world with this massive 9.0 magnitude that devastated Japan. Japan is known to be the most secure when it comes to earthquakes because they encounter them so often. However, they were not prepared for the massive tsunami that hit afterwards, taking the lives of over ten thousand people. It’s the most devastating earthquake Japan has ever experienced and it still experienced after shocks a year later.

3. Sumatra, Indonesia (2004)

Probably the most well-known and most devastating earthquake the world has come to know, the Boxing Day earthquake took an overwhelming two hundred and twenty seven thousand lives due to the tsunami that followed suit. Over fourteen different neighboring countries were also affected by the tsunami that was caused by the massive 9.1 earthquake.

2. Prince William Sound, Alaska (1964)

This massive 9.2 magnitude earthquake didn’t have lot of casualties as the previous one because of it’s location. However, the effects were felt all the way to Hawaii and Canada. The destruction was devastating because of the landslides that occurred during and after the earthquake.

1. Valdivia, Chile (1960)

The largest earthquake ever recorded was about 9.5 in magnitude which cost over a thousand lives. This devastating natural disaster misplaced millions of people and even took lives from countries across the Pacific Ocean because of the resulting tsunami. This is the largest recorded earthquake in history and hopefully it will remain the largest because with that kind of devastation and destruction, what would be left?