18 Apr 2016

Top 10 Dating Dealbreakers

Not that we’re dating gurus or anything, but there are days we do like to look around the internet, talk to a few people and figure out what makes them tick (or not). Today we’ve rounded up top 10 dating deal breakers. We’re talking first few dates level. These are the things to watch out for (and that girls watch out for, too). Let’s get right to it.

Dating Dealbreakers

10. No sense of humor – Self explanatory, man. Life is dull without humor. You date to let loose and have fun. No sense of humor is just tragic.

9. Neediness – Neediness is the lovechild of low self-esteem and instability, and it’s twice as bad. Neediness means a lot of things. Neediness means they have so much time to think about you because they don’t busy themselves with other things because they don’t have a life. Neediness means their life is directly chained to yours and once that’s hooked, they usually throw away the key. Keep alert on the initial signs of neediness and make sure you have your running shoes on.

8. Low self-esteem – Some people get into relationships because they need to be validated. While validation is something you can ask from a partner, it starts

7. Being on your phone all the time – Real world exists when you look up. Incessantly checking on your phone is a ditch move, not a second date move. Get your facts straight.

6. Bad grammar – It’s just a tell-tale sign of a lot of things. Education, drive to learn, willpower. Good grammar is sexy and maybe not everyone’s particular about that but would you really date a dum-dum?

5. Instability – Instability is forgivable when it’s just a phase. Say, she just got fired and working around the thought of a change in career and jumps from one idea to another while she’s figuring things out. That’s fine. But when instability is a part of their character, now that’s a red flag. What field are you into? Oh, this and that. You don’t have a job now? Oh that’s fine, but what was your last job? That gig you did two years ago? Hmm.

4. Bad hygiene – If that person can’t take care of themselves, how can you expect them to take care of other things like a relationship? Even a cactus would die under his or her care.

3. Bad table manners – Being passionate about food is attractive. Attacking a huge piece of pizza or a well-layered hamburger means that you’re laidback and doesn’t mind being messy for food. But when you chew with your mouth open like a god dang animal, this is something we need to double check.

2. Baggage – Talking about the ex, or the bad relationship with the family? That’s not very ideal. They need a therapist, not a date. Settle the check and leave in a heartbeat.

1. Rudeness/Negativity – How a person treats the waitstaff or those who are “lower”in status (for the lack of a better word) than they are tells a lot. Also, a person who complains all the time and has an eye for the unhappy side of the coin is just too much to handle. No one wants that in their life.

When dealing with deal breakers, to each his own. And while these deal breakers are logical, when the right person comes this list just goes out the window. These are basic living as a person etiquette, though, and we’d still bank on you not being these things.