20 Jun 2016

Top 10 Creepiest Deep Sea Creatures Ever Discovered!

There is still so much of Earth that we have yet to discover. Indeed humans have conquered the land, with the exception of those places that are just too hard to visit. However, the vast oceans are no man’s territory and there are still so many wonders that we haven’t seen yet that we may never even figure out. With our recent technology in sea exploration, we are still a long ways away from being able to truly explore down under. But we have improved over the years and there have been incredible findings over the past few decades. Here are the top 10 creepiest deep sea creatures ever discovered in no particular order.

10. Megamouth Shark

Just like we always do, we should start this list with a bang by introducing to you a creature of the deep that will give you the creeps. The Megamouth Shark, alongside the Basking Shark and the Whale Shark, is one of the largest fishes in the world. Swimming with sharks may be a bit scary because of their teeth, but if you do encounter this one, you’d be more scared of the size of it’s mouth instead of it’s teeth.

9. Dumbo Octopus

To go on a complete opposite route, the Dumbo Octopus is anything but big like the Megamouth shark. Most people will think of the Dumbo Octopus as something so cute they would want to keep it as a pet or maybe take a bite out of it. However, leave the octopus alone because they do not appreciate being brought to the sunlight. Besides, it would be impossible to see one since they live about 7000 meters below.

8. Placental Jellyfish

Although little is known about this internet phenomenon the Placental Jellyfish, it is hard to deny that it is one creepy creature of the deep sea that we would like to know more about. It’s placenta-like shape is what gives it it’s name and marine biologists have yet to solve the mystery of it. What we would do to really know what this creature is, where it lives, what it eats and how many are there out there in the deep.

7. Fangtooth

One of the scariest looking fishes we will encounter in this list of creepy deep sea creatures is the Fangtooth. Although it may look intimidating because of it’s signature sharp and huge teeth, it is actually rather small. But don’t dismiss it just yet. The Fangtooth has the largest teeth in the fish kingdom based on the proportion of it’s body size and it is able to crush their prey instantly with those sharp teeth.

6. Frilled Shark

One of the weirdest shaped sharks ever discovered, the Frilled Shark makes you think what happened that made it look like that. It looks nothing like a regular shark and it’s not as scary. One would be scared of a shark but with this Frilled Shark, you’d be more creeped out by what it looks like than by what it can do to you.

5. Squat Lobsters

One would think of luxurious and expensive meals when it comes to lobsters. But with this colorful king of the sea, you’d think twice before getting too close to it let alone eat it. Just like other squat lobsters, they’re bodies are flattened or compressed tightly together to emphasize the comparison between it’s small stature and it’s elongated pincers and claws.

4. Dragonfish

Like a lot of creatures living in the deepest darkest parts of the ocean, the Dragonfish can create it’s own light, illuminating it’s body and showing all kinds of stunning colors that attracts prey like a fly to a lamp. Of course let’s not forget about it’s scary teeth. You wouldn’t want to get too friendly with these creatures. I don’t think they would play nice when they are hungry.

3. Polychaete Worm

One of the weirdest you will ever see, perhaps even the weirdest of them all in this list is nothing like you expected. You’d think something so small won’t interest you one bit. But even at it’s small size of ten centimeters, it has still been the talk of the town with it’s alien-like tentacles used to catch prey. Don’t underestimate it’s size however. You’ll be surprised how much of a bad ass predator it really is.

2. Giant Squid/Colossal Squid

Dating way back to the Romans and Greeks, the giant squid has always been a part of folklore and myths. But just because it has been dubbed as a creature of legend, that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. There have been a few sightings over the past few years of giant squids showing up on the sides of fishermen boats and there was even a video of it showing it’s huge size. Regular squids definitely do not get that big.

1. Goblin Shark

Probably the most well-known among these creepy yet very interesting creatures, the infamous goblin shark has a particularly distinct look, hence it’s name goblin shark. With it’s unusually elongated snout, it really does look like those goblins in sci-fi movies or television series. Although it does look a little weird, it’s snout actually acts as a sensor to look for prey.