30 Aug 2016

Top 10 Countries that Won the Most Medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics Part 2!

There is no stopping the top 5 countries that won the most medals since they’ve been dominating for so many years.
Continuing on with this segment of the top 10 countries that won the most medals, here are the top 5 countries that grabbed the most medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

5. Germany

Ranking fifth at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Germany won a total of 42 medals, with seventeen of them gold. Although they won less medals this year compared to the 2012 London Olympics, they ranked higher this year because of their gold medals. Some of the notable gold medals that Germany won are from Shooting, Rowing and Athletics.

4. Russia

Despite having hundreds of Russian athletes banned in this year’s Olympics because of the doping controversy, they still managed to grab the number 4 spot with a total of 56 medals all in all. There were a total of 111 athletes who were banned because of the scandal but they still managed to grab a lot of medals.

3. China

A powerhouse in the Olympics, China has once again grabbed a spot in the top 3, winning a total of 70 medals. China ranks second place in having the most medals won. However, they lag behind Great Britain because they have one less gold medal compared to Great Britain. Twenty six of those medals are gold, eighteen are silver and twenty-six are bronze.

2. Great Britain

Great Britain really did go all out by ranking 2nd in this year’s Olympics. In the previous Olympics, which was held in London, they only managed to rank 3rd with a total of 65 medals overall. In this year’s Olympics, they managed to grab 67 medals with twenty-seven gold medals, seventeen silver medals and nineteen bronze medals. Although China won more medals, Great Britain ranked higher because they won more gold than the Chinese.

1. United States of America

Ever since the USA entered the Olympic Games, the US have clearly dominated ranking either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Summer Olympics alone. The US has never been ranked below 3rd and this year is no exception. Ranking number 1, the US grabbed a whopping total of 121 gold medals which is almost twice the number of Great Britain. Of course without a doubt, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles made the country proud. However, we should all recognize all the athletes that won these medals.

With the conclusion of this year’s Olympics, we are definitely looking forward to the next won. Who do you think will win the most medals in the next Olympics?