30 Jul 2016

The Top 10 Classiest Cars You Can Buy For $25,000

What defines classy living? When would you define that you are truly living the high life? Is it when you’re wearing a tux and clinking a champagne glass with the other elite ala Gatsby? For me, it’s when I’m already pumping up the volume of my favorite tune, while driving a fancy car, with a babe in the passenger’s seat.

I imagined before that it might take quite a while for me to get to this point in my life, but today, I’m going to let you in on a secret. You don’t need a million bucks to get the luxury car of your dreams. All you need is twenty five grand and you’re all set! Here is our top ten list of the classiest cars you can buy for $25,000. Keep in mind though that these babies are already used, but definitely not abused.

10 – Cadillac CTS

I admit, the hey days of the Cadillac is way past its prime, which means that the pricing is also lower compared to other luxury cars of the same caliber! Have you seen the grills on this one? Define macho, anyone?

9 – Audi A8

Having quite a low profile, the Audi A8 has driven quietly just below the more popular BMW 7 series. If you are looking for a classic never aging look, then this car is the one for you.

8 – Hyundai Equus

This Hyundai is definitely one of the cheapest models in the luxury car section. If you are looking for a classy car with a ridiculously low price, then the Equus might just be the perfect choice!

7 – Lexus LS 460

The best thing I love about this Lexus is that it’s not only a luxury car that comes in a more affordable price, it’s also low maintenance! Landing this baby is totally a great package deal, when you include thinking about the other maintenance expenses as well.

6 – Volvo S80

Almost at the mid-range of our list, we put this Volvo at top six for a reason. And that is because it’s a pretty well-balanced drive. It’s luxurious (come on, it’s a Volvo for crying out loud), but the model is not that popular. The safety features and reliability of this car though is one of the best here in our list.

5 – BMW 7 Series

We open the second part of the list with a BMW 7 Series. While the latest version of this model being sold today is more than $25,000, you can get the older version (minus all the techie features), at a drastically much lower price and still look like a million bucks.

4 – Maserati Quattroporte

Looking for a luxury sedan? Then the Maserati Quattroporte is a nice choice that fits the budget. What’s more is that this is actually said to be one of the smoothest cars you’ll ever drive. Take one for a test drive yourself and experience the Maserati.

3 – Jaguar XF

Impress everyone by driving a Jaguar. No one even needs to know that you  have bought your ride for less than twenty five thousand bucks. If you have more cash to spare, you might want to take a look at the more latest version as well, the Jaguar XF Supercharged.

2 – Land Rover Range Rover

This time, it’s not just your friends whom you’re going to impress but also the missus by scoring one of the most prestigious SUVs you can buy – at any budget! Shock her with the deal that you got the Rover for as well, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have another junior along the way.

1 – Mercedes Benz S-Class

And to top our list is the Mercedes Benz S-Class. It’s the epitome of luxury. I mean, think about it. Whenever you think about classy cars, it is most likely you’ll think about this one, right? And if you look hard enough, you might just be able to score a used one for only $25,000. Happy car hunting!