9 Nov 2016

Top 10 Best Pizza Places in New York City!

When choosing which pizzeria to hit up you cant really go wrong. Depending on your mood or what kind of time you have on your hand, New York City will have a pizzeria just for you. Here are the top 10 best pizza places in New York Cit in no particular order.

10. Joe’s Pizza

Manhattans finest, it’s true that best pizza is sought after time and time again, but look no further to find a classic pizza than Joe’s Pizza. Joe’s has 2 locations in Manhattan, NY, one in East Village as well in the college student & LGBT populated West Village and both are a hotspot for young people and NYC natives alike. It was featured in the second Spiderman movie, which may have increased its popularity since then. The pizza is a classic slice of cheese and a good layer of tomato sauce. If you want something simple, cheap and quick, Joe’s is the place to be.

9. Emmy Squared

The title says it all. This recent establishment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has a square appearance and has a crunchy crust and spongy interior. They don’t only just sell pizza, but also the delicious bonito flake waffle fries that go well with a nice cold Moscow mule. The interior has a bar type feel and has open windows to enjoy your meal and see the NY streets.

8. Best Pizza

This pizzeria has a unique type of style. New York is popular for some of the best white pizza. What is white pizza at Best Pizza look like you ask? It’s a basic pizza minus the marinara sauce. But here’s white pizza is unique. These guys put an explosion of mozzarella cheese and sliced Parmesan on top plus it’s topped with caramelized onions and a sesame seed crust. This gem is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but is tucked away between two apartment buildings so it’s hard to find at first, but Brooklyn passerby’s are always excited to get a slice of white pizza when they’re out and about.

7. Patrizia’s

Patrizia’s is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and has the best marinara pizza around. Their crust is soft to the touch and uses a wood oven so it cooks in less than a minute and the cheese comes out bubbling. This establishment is a family style restaurant that gives you an Italian atmosphere.

6. Lombardis

Lombardi’s is one the oldest and first pizzerias in New York. Located in the Lower East Side, their pizza uses a coal oven and is never turned off. It’s pretty firm, opposite from the flimsy pizza seen in most pizza places in the city. They also use fresh basil leaves on their famous Margherita pizza, which give it a nice touch. When I think about the original pizza, Lombardi’s always come to mind.

5. Di Fara

Early in the morning, the owner/pizza maker rolls the dough out for the day. Customers waiting in line see him through the window getting the pizza ready for the day. Di Fara pizza is made to order, so there’s always a 3-4 hour wait for these precious pies. To ensure a perfect ratio of cheese to sauce, the owner is the only one who touches the pizza. Make sure to get there early to get a slice of Di Fara.

4. Two Bros $1 Pizza

Can you believe there’s pizza for $1 a slice? Two bros pizzas have locations all over Manhattan, giving New Yorkers a run for their money and time. What couldn’t be more perfect than those huge slices of cheese on that white paper plate. Affordable and yet still just as tasty as it’s fancy counterparts.

3. Juliana’s

Right in the heart of Dumbo sits a modern pizzeria with a coal-oven serving out some of the best pies in Brooklyn. While this place might be a little upscale and pricey, you will find anything from the classic Margherita to a fancy anchovy pie. The location makes it even more of a trip worth while as you can take a stroll on its neighbor, the Brooklyn bridge.

2. Bleecker Street Pizza

Sitting in the heart of West Village is the famous Bleecker St. Pizzaria. Don’t be fooled by this hole in the wall, this place is no joke, even being named one of the best pizza’s by Food Network several years in a row. Here they’re serving up huge classic slices with a helping of toppings. Sit out on the patio and enjoy a Nonna Maria’s pie which comes loaded with sausage, different types of melty cheese, garlic, and tomato.


Thin crust is in at Rizzo’s. This Lower East side establishment it’s not your typical NYC pizza, but one that has a serious crisp. These super thin pizzas may not be great for folding, but offer an abundance of great topping selections.

When it comes to NYC, no matter what borough, or what price, there’s no doubt that NYC pizza is the best.