15 Jan 2012

Tom Brady’s Patriots demolish Tebow’s Broncos

The Denver Broncos defense fell apart last night, unable to stop Tom Brady and the New England Patriots from advancing to the AFC Championship match in a lopsided game. Tebow played an uninspired game, and his team was worse, looking disorganized and completely outmatched against the top notch Patriots.

Brady played one of his best games yet, making passes with surgical precision. He was backed up by a consistent defense which denied the Bronco’s weak offense. Things got heated near the end of the game, with a scuffle on the sidelines as the Broncos took out their frustrations at being outplayed and outmatched.

The Broncos see the end of a surprisingly good season with their Super Bowl dreams dashed. Better luck next year Broncos! If you’ve missed the game, you could check out the highlights here.

[Photos via DenverPost]