26 Apr 2011

Tika Sumpter just turned up her hotness to 10!

Gosh, celebrity hotties were pretty boring today and I was a bit afraid I didn’t have anything to show to you guys. But then, out of nowhere, these new drool inducing Me in My Place photos featuring Tika Sumpter showed up on Esquire’s website and that was exactly what I needed this afternoon.

Let me just start off by saying that I can’t believe I’m doing a post about this girl either. I didn’t even knew she existed but apparently she’s a pretty successful actress, best known for her roles in One Life to Live and even in Gossip Girl. I’m not too upset because I’ve never heard of her roles, I’m pissed off because I’ve never heard of her mind blowing hotness.

Good lord, just look at her! Is she scorching hot or what? This has to be one of the hottest Me In My Place photoshoots I’ve ever seen. I would surely like to visit her place and I’d even volunteer to lick every inch of that lovely chocolate skin of hers. Oh yeah, I’d do that as a full time job.

Anyways, here’s the lovely Tika Sumpter looking waaay hotter than you’ve ever seen her in this stunning photoshoot for Esquire’s Me in My Place. Keep up the great work guys!

[Images via Esquire]