15 Mar 2017

Three Things That Every Entrepreneur Must Strive For This Year

As entrepreneurs, we all have our own personal and financial goals. We have dreams for our personal growth, financial stability, and the same for our team whether it be big or small. We also have dreams for the improvement of our products and services. That they may serve as a great service to humanity.


Here are three things that you might want to add to your business goals, though. Things that any entrepreneur can improve on to make his business stronger and more stable.

Spend more time with your team.

As captains of our own ship, we tend to overlook a huge detail while keeping our eye out on the ocean. That is, the people behind us. This year, try to be a little more hands-on with your team. Don’t just communicate with them through email. Be there. Don’t run your business in the background, telling yourself that you’re focused on getting more clients, hustling on sales, or other just as equally important tasks. Remember, a stronger team is a stronger foundation for your business.

Trust more.

In connection with the first goal, here’s another thing you can add to your business goal: learn to trust other people more. No, I’m not talking that you should share the vault’s combination with your secretary, or give your manager a copy of confidential documents. What I mean is to trust in your team or on your employees’ capabilities and talents. Cut yourself some slack. If someone else can do it 85% as good – that’s good enough. You can’t do everything on your own. Trust your team more and in turn, entrust more work to them. Nurture their talents. Don’t waste it by not sharing the work.

Have more faith with your instincts.

As businessmen, we are equipped with extra instincts when it comes to good deals and investments. Have faith in that gift. If your product or service is seemingly not doing so well, hold on to it. Have faith. It takes time for people to accept change – and that includes new and better things. If you think your product or service is worth, then bet on it.

Likewise, if your guts (and not cowardice, or pressure, or any other voice talking) is telling you that there’s a shady deal to avoid, then trust on it. It might be saving you from an unseen complication in the future. Remember, a successful business is built on wit, work, and a little bit of magic.