10 May 2017

Three Supplements Men Could Take Everyday

There are a LOT of supplements in the vitamin isle of any pharmacy or drug store. I tell you, it’s ridiculous and confusing. And what’s more daunting is that there are even some of these that are not even good for you – in fact, they’re not good for you at all.

Bodybuilding Dietary Supplements

Hence, to the confused, here’s a short article about three supplements that men could take every day.


Of all the vitamins and supplements that we could take, Choline is probably one of the most low-profile and yet most helpful of all. Choline helps repair our DNA and supports all of our brains functions, after all. In fact, not having enough choline would not just mean slower brain functions but also increased risks for liver damage and liver cancer! While, having more Choline in the body would reduce one’s risk of pancreatic cancer by one-third.


Always getting those migraines and always in the bad mood? Maybe it’s just stress…or maybe it’s a sign that you are not getting the required Magnesium intake per day. Magnesium could remedy those pesky headaches, and even put you in a happier state every day.


Who needs superpowers when you have enough Zinc. Zinc is the compound found in every cell that helps in healing wounds and beat viruses. Now we know what Woverine takes every day. And here’s an additional bonus: Zinc helps improve your sperm count!

Now, I know that there are other helpful stuff aside from these three that you can take as supplements. It is entirely up to you. Of course, don’t forget to check with your doctor before you take anything. It is still best to be sure. Plus, supplements are meant to be taken as they are – as supplements. Not as medicine. Not as a wonder drug of some sort. Stay healthy!