9 Jan 2017

Three New Year’s Dating Resolutions For Single Guys

Celebrating the holidays alone must have been rough, man. I feel you. Spending those long cold winter nights with only yourself, your blanket, and your internet connection must have been a bit lonely. But let’s take a look at the bright side – you were able to spend all those nights partying and getting to meet new people without any hindrances. Plus, you get to look at the prospect of meeting someone new this New Year unlike your locked-up friends.

New Year’s Dating Resolutions For Single Guys

To help you out in your dating endeavors though, here are three New Year dating resolutions that you might want to do in order to improve you’re dating a-game.

Go On A Date Alone

You don’t need to take anyone to go to that fancy restaurant. Get used to going on a date with yourself first. Don’t bother those creeps with judging eyes (because you’re all alone), and enjoy that goddamn steak! Once you get used to this, you’ll also be improving your confidence and who knows – a beautiful lady might just pass by, get curious, and ask you straight forward why you’re all alone. After which you can simply answer…”because I’ve been waiting for you.”

Put Yourself Out There

Get a new hobby. Meet new people. You might even want to consider going back to school! Involving yourself in different activities will also put you in a better position of meeting new people. What’s more is that they’re going to be involved in the same things as you do. No more guessing what she does in her spare time, or if you both like sports – because you already know that! You’ll be meeting people with the same interest as you and you can always make excuses to be with her even BEFORE going on an actual date.

Open Your Heart

I know this is cheesy but it’s the harsh truth. People who are single are that way because their hearts (and minds) are closed to begin with. They can’t accommodate another person in their life. That’s usually the thing for girls who are still infatuated with the stupid ex, and that’s the same deal for us as well. Move on dude. She’s never coming back. So why don’t you focus on that hot chick beside her instead? Date that, I mean those…I mean her, instead. Happy New Year!