5 Jan 2017

Three New Year Health Goals Everyone Must Commit To This 2017

Everyone deserves a healthier year. Nay, a healthier day. We can make a decision to do something good for the body every single day in order to live a healthier life. However, the start of a new year is always the best time to set new health goals and resolutions because of that motivational boost that the season never fails to provide. Hence, if you want to accomplish some health feats yourself, then here are three New Year health goals that you might want to consider committing to this 2017.

New Year Health Goals

Being More Sociable

And with this, I’m not saying being online more. What I mean is really connecting to your friends and family whom you’ve not talked to or seen for a long time. Don’t send them a message on Messenger. Don’t tag them to a throwback picture. Make an effort to really bond with them again, in person. Doing so can certainly do wonders for your health and surprisingly even tone down stress levels.


Speaking of stress, you can start a habit of meditating in order to calm yourself down. Okay, for those who eat stress for breakfast, I know that it provides that adrenaline rush everyone needs every once in a while. However, nurturing such stress can also worsen underlying health problems and even develop future health issues like heart problems, insomnia, and depression – just to name a few.

Quit Bad Habits

Want to quit smoking? Or how about excessive drinking and partying? Then here is a great time to do that. Here’s an extra tip: surround yourself with friends who are also trying to conquer bad habits themselves. In this way, you will have some sort of support group and you guys can easily motivate and help each other out. The start (in which I mean the first three days) is always the easiest but as time drags on, it will get harder and harder…so it’s best to get all the help you can get.