27 Mar 2017

Three Bad Habits That Can Mess Up Your Strong Swimmers!

Us men, we take pride in our manhood and our sperm. It’s our pride and glory: to rise up to the occasion, to be able to pleasure a woman, and to release strong swimmers to procreate – no matter how misogynist it may sound.


However, did you know that normal sperm counts have dropped these past few years? Yes, man. You are not alone. And the reason for this is our bad habits. Don’t worry, we’re going to list down the top three culprits that can potentially hurt our sperm.

Lack Of Sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep may lower your body’s production of testosterone? And without this hormone, your sperm production would lower as well, as testosterone is essential in creating healthy sperm. A word of warning from the health experts though: too much sleep could cause a problem too! The right sleep duration? Seven to eight hours. That’s it.

The Wrong Lube

We know, we know, it feels good. It makes her feel good as if slipping on a glass slipper. But, the wrong brand of lube can actually make it hard for your sperm to swim. Don’t worry, there are sperm-friendly alternatives in the market if you and the missus are trying to get pregnant. Wait dude, I didn’t tell you to use lube as a birth control measure. No. It just doesn’t help, that’s all.

Eating Bacon (And Other Sinfully Delicious Processed Meat)

No. NOT BACON?! I’m sorry to say this but recent researches point out that eating too much processed meat doesn’t only lower one’s sperm count but it causes abnormally-shaped swimmers as well. Now, we don’t want that to happen, right?

If you’re thinking of getting into a diet that will make those young ‘uns happy then we suggest that you start loving fish. Remember those ads on TV saying that omega-3 (found on fish) is good for the heart? Apparently, it’s good for your manhood as well.