22 Mar 2012

This wicked chair would be perfect in my room

Believe it or not, we’re going to share with you guys an awesome chair today. Designed by Kenneth Smythe, this chair is even more complicated than its name “RESPONSUM LEVARE C Sub B3 Chair”. Yeah, that’s its full name and when I say it’s more complicated than that, you probably guess this chair is pretty damn complex.

It was designed to be a mix between form and function, blurring the line between the simple use of a chair and a wicked piece of decoration for your room. Made of cog-like components and a combination of leather and maple, this chair also features high tech Richlite fiber composite leading to an interesting, yet weird and intriguing piece of furniture.

If you ever wonder how the awesome chair should look like, this might be the answer. The focal point of any room, eccentric, yet pretty damn attractive. It’s like a chair from Transformers lol.