27 Sep 2017

This Vintage E-Bike Looks Classic And Badass!

Rod Emory is a legend in the world of modified vehicles. His work in modifying vintage cars, Porsches, to be more specific – AMAZING. His signature is to update our beloved vintage and classic cars and pack some modern power in there with current technology and high-performance parts. And now he has taken his expertise to the arena of e-bikes. Today, we are going to talk about…

The Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker

It is an electric bike that echoes the vintage aesthetic and charm of Rod’s highly-exclusive customized Porsche cars. Here’s what is in store with this baby. For the style, it has the same bucket headlight with mesh grill and the same Carrera Silver metallic paint finish as with his iconic customized Porsche. It also has a hydroformed aluminum frame, a vintage moto-inspired inverted fork, tracker-style handlebars and 26-inch Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. In short, it won’t make you look like a sissy. Just your average John Wick type out for a leisurely bike ride.

And for the build, it packs a 3,000-watt three-phase hub motor which will allow it to run for as fast as 36 miles per hour. It also packs a 702-Wh battery that will keep the bike running on pedal assist for up to 35 miles. Heating? No problem as the battery sits inside a heat-dispersing enclosure made of aluminum, located as the heart of the bike.

If you are a bit worried that the speed is a little bit too fast for the legal requirements of your city, then don’t worry, this baby comes with a street mode which limits your speed to up to 20 miles per hour. All you need to do is just remove the key.

It’s a bit heavy on the budget though, priced at $7000. But hey, it’s almost Christmas – and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for yourself, right?