5 May 2017

The Theft-Proof Bag Cover That Will Make Lupin III Frown

How often do you travel? Well, that’s the beauty of being a writer, I can literally take my work anywhere so I try to visit as many places as much as I can. The problem is, because I’m taking my work with me, that would usually mean taking along a lot of gadgets.

It’s not a new story. In fact, most of us travel with a bunch of gadgets and gear even if we’re not taking our work with us. Here’s my usual stash: laptop, smart phone, a nice camera, tripod, and other bits and pieces like battery packs, external hard drives, and so forth. And every single thing I just can’t live without. I’m not going to be surprised if your travel essentials are also practically the same thing!

But here’s the deal. I know everyone is just stressed out to go through the same horror that Dr. Stephen Strange went through in Kathmandu. We don’t want random thugs stealing our stuff. Hence the creation of theft-proof bags.

The problem though with theft-proof bags is this: you’re going to use that damn thing for eternity! What if you want to switch bags? Then that would submit you t o a guilt-drama of having to sacrifice the safety of all your stuff just because of style.

So let us thank the bag gods for the Option Pack Safe Cover.

The Option Pack Safe Cover is a theft-proof bag cover that you can just put on over any bag that needs protection. In this way, you can switch bags, wash your theft-proof bag, and pass on that theft-proof ability to virtually any other bag enough to make Lupin III himself frown!

Why? Because this baby is made out of a material that’s twice the strength of Kevlar, that’s why! In fact, it’s strap is so formidable that you can’t even snip it off using alligator shears – the ones used for metalworking!

Amazing, right? And on top of that, it’s waterproof. So what more can you ask for?