11 Nov 2011

The wonderful W Retreat Koh Samui resort in Thailand

I keep hearing that Thailand is one of the most awesome countries to visit and Koh Samui is the go-to island everyone has to check out. It’s blessed with some of the world’s ultimate white sand beaches, surrounded by turquoise water with great scenery, nightlife and weather that make this island a perfect destination for any of us.

The W Retreat Koh Samui is one of the coolest resorts in Thailand with 75 luxurious private beachfront villas from where guests could enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset in the Golf of Thailand. You could relax or try out some fun activities during the day and when night falls, the people and the retreat come to life, full of energy and ready to mingle in this wicked location.

You could have a Champagne brunch on a deserted beach or an intimate sunset picnic on a stretch of the island’s warm sand and.. a lot more. There’s a massive spa with indoor and outdoor areas, cool bars, nice restaurants and probably anything else you could possibly want in a dream vacation but.. these photos are probably exactly what you need to see how wonderful this resort really is.