7 May 2013

The WATCHe We5S for the iPhone5

In case you wanna turn your iPhone 5 into a staggering mechanical timepiece as well, this might come in handy, a special case which includes a limited edition luxury mechanical watch. Of course, adding a timepiece to a smartphone that already tells time isn’t too wise but this is more about fashion, than function.

This special case from WATCHe was designed specifically to fit the iPhone5 and features a distinct black and red color scheme that makes the timepiece stand out. The watch is set in a case with black ruthenium and, together with the frame, weights only around 60 grams. The frame’s arm wings out and the case rotates so.. you could see either the clock or its back which displays the skeleton movement.

All this comes with a price and believe it or not, the We5S isn’t cheap at all, costing around $6k ($5,980 to be more exact). Even if I’d have the money I don’t think I’d buy one.