4 Sep 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Pulling Off the Perfect First Date

Let’s face it: Nothing can be quite as daunting as going on a first date with the girl of your dreams. It’s like you’re back in junior high again and you’re desperately thinking about the best ways to make a slamming good impression.

Well, fear not our fellow men. Today, we’re going to pull out all the stops to make your first date as perfect as possible. Hopefully by the end of this guide, first dates won’t be too much of a rocket science.

1. Clean up nicely

Whether it’s going to be a walk in the park or a dinner for two in Momofuku Ko, dress well. Ditch the baggy pants and long shirts and just show her you can take care of yourself. Rolled up long sleeve shirts is a nice casual touch and a perfectly fitting suit is enough to sweep her off her feet. So do us all a favor and clean up nicely.

2. Ask her before taking the lead

For the most part, you’re going to be in charge but it doesn’t hurt to ask her what she wants. Although, if she does seem uneasy deciding, don’t hesitate to step up. Help her order when she’s fidgeting or foot the bill when you sense her waiting.

Just don’t appear as if you’re running the entire show. You want to make it feel like the two of you are doing this together.

3. Save the sexual compliments for later

Every decent man should know that women are to be treated with respect. If you want to compliment her for dressing up nicely for your first date, tell her she’s ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘smokin’ hot’.

If you take the right steps, who knows? Maybe that sexual compliment can be used a little later.

4. No, chivalry is NOT dead!

Yes, gender equality is at its peak but it never hurts to open the door, pull the chair or allow her to order first. If there’s one thing the ladies like, it’s old school care and mindfulness. So even if you’re dating an independent woman, leave her the impression that you’re a gentleman.

5. Follow up… but don’t be pushy

That three-day rule is B.S. If you had an unforgettable time with her, let her know right away but remember: Don’t push it too hard. You might be squeezing too much from her just to make yourself believe you pulled it off. It should just come naturally.

That wasn’t too hard, was it? Now go out there and make us proud!