31 Jan 2013

The uber hot Jessica Cediel is back by popular demand!

Holy freakin’ Batman! You guys have been literally drowning us in emails in these last couple of days asking for more photos of Colombian bombshell Jessica Cediel (after this awesome post was linked by SI’s Hot Clicks) and today is your lucky day. That’s because we’ve found 40 new photos of this goddess, most of them in drool inducing swimwear.

And sweet Christmas, these pics are a treat for your eyes as well! That bikini cleavage, that bodacious booty, those groovy curves, that tight tummy, and that.. oh hell, I can probably gush over inch of this babe’s ridiculously sexy body for at least a couple of hours. Absolute perfection from head to toe.

I totally understand why you guys wanted to see more of this girl after that magnitude of uber sexiness and I’m sure these pics will make your day. She will drop your jaw straight to the floor once again while modeling swimwear from Chamela and some fancy lingerie as well. Enjoy and try not to drool all over yourselves, ok?