7 Sep 2011

The uber hot Imogen Thomas will knock you out

Let me just start off by saying what happened to our site the other day. It was running slower than a herd of turtles because our hosting company went through a crazy issue. Apparently an idiot managed to cut through some fibre optic cables while doing an excavation in the area and they had to move all traffic on another route. After a couple of hours the problem was fixed and I hope someone kicked that guy’s ass.

Anywaays, back here now. Here’s British bombshell Imogen Thomas looking like a supernova of hotness with boxing gloves and equipment on and ready to kick your ass as well. That’s how you can make any sport sexy: a stupendous cleavage, drool inducing legs, ridiculously gorgeous looks, etc..

As you can see from any of these photos, Imogen Thomas is showing off a ton a sexiness and is looking so freaking hot that I’d even let her hit me a little, just so she could give me mouth to mouth resuscitation after I’m faking a knock out. Then we’ll move on to better things than boxing.